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How to take your company public

There are so many decisions to make when you are running a company. There is also a lot of risk which makes it even more crucial to make the right decisions. One decision that might be weighing on your mind is if you should take your company public. If you are thinking about taking your company public you might want to know how to take your company public. Here are some tips on how to take your company public and the pros and cons of taking your company public.

The first tip on how to take your company public is to first file a registration statement. You have to file a registrations statement with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). You need to make sure that you take a lot of time while writing and make sure that everything you are putting in your registration statement is accurate and correct in your statement because the Securities and Exchange Commission can suspend the efficiency ofany registration statement that they believe if misleading, not complete, or not accurate. If the Securities and Exchange Commission decides that any of these are in play it will take you longer to be able to go public and to sell your shares to the public. The Securities and Exchange Commission will then do due diligences review of your company and the business you do and all of your legal affairs to make sure that your registration statement are accurate. Once the Securities and Exchange Commission has decided that your registration statement is accurate they will make your registration statement "effective" then you will be able to start selling your shares.

The second tip on how to make your company public is finding out who your prospective buyers are going to be. This is done while going through underwriting. The underwriting process includes going through a group of investment bankers that will agree to purchase your companies securities and then will resell them to the public. The investment bankers will distribute the preliminary pamphlet to potential buyers so they can see what they are going to be buying. The Preliminary pamphlet will include a warning in red on the front cover so the potential buyers can see the bad things about investing in your company along with the good. You company along with underwriters will go around to different potential buyers and do a marketing trip. The marketing trip involves explaining the business plan including the strategies and business objectives and to answer any questions involving your company going public.

The third tip on how to take your company public is making sure that you stay in good standing with the underwriters. About a month after you have filed your registration statement the Securities and Exchange Commission will give you written comments whether or not your registration statement is accurate. The underwriters will then agree on a price for what they think your stock should be sold for (this is why you want to be very nice to your underwriters).

The process of taking your company public will not happen over night. You might want to start the process of getting everything together and researching what you want to go in your registration statement. The whole process of taking your company public takes about 3 months. You will want to get started as soon as possible so you can get the wheels turning on your company going public. Make sure if you have questions that you get answers so your registration statement does not get turned down.

These are a couple of steps to take when you want to take your company public. Make sure that you get as much info as you can so you don't have to go through the underwriting procedure more than once.

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