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A comparison of the top business management techniques

There are many different ways to manage a business. Sometimes it depends on what the business is in order to find a managing style that works best. There are three different top business management techniques out there. These business management techniques include the autocratic technique, the paternalistic technique or the democratic technique. Here we will do a comparison of the top business management techniques, including the good and bad of all three techniques.

The autocratic technique of business management is for a manager who likes to make all the decisions themselves. The autocratic manager likes to closely supervise their employees along with controlling those employees. These managers give orders and don't listen to the employees. The orders are to be followed in an autocratic business management technique. There is the one sided communication style which many employees do not like and have a hard time working under. This business management technique can work well however with a large company of low skilled workers. The technique can also work well when a company is in crisis and needs to have answers right away or decisions made very quickly.

The paternalistic technique for business management would include a manager that will give more attention to the social side of the business for his employees. This type of business manager will also keep in mind the views of his employees. These managers are very concerned on how happy their employees feel, almost the same way a father would. These types of paternalistic managers care more about the employees' views and will consult with the employees on a regular basis. The manager still makes the final decision but for the best of all the employees. They listen to all the feedback from the employees no matter how many there are. The paternalistic manager believes that their employees still need direction and so this technique of management still can look like an autocratic technique. This technique of business management slows down decision making so is not good for fast paced businesses.

The last business management technique is democratic. In this type of management technique the manager puts trust in their employees and will help encourage the employees to make the decisions. These types of democratic managers empower their employees by giving them authority it the particular business. These managers will also listen to the advice and ideas of their employees. The democratic style managers need to have good communication skills for discussion groups that are common with type of management. The democratic manager also needs to be willing to push employees into leadership skills. The best democratic system occurs when all decisions are based on the majority view of all the employees. This is hard to achieve however and will lead to a longer wait in the decision making. There can be more mistakes in a business with this type of management technique because the workers may not always be skilled enough to face some of the problems they have been empowered to fix.

Ultimately the best technique for business management would be to incorporate parts of all these techniques. A good business manager will be able to distinguish between what types of direction their employees need and how to go about it. Not every employee is the same and so no technique will work for the business as a whole.

This comparison of the top business management techniques is to just give you an idea of what types are out there. If you are a business manager you will need to find your own technique. Look at the comparisons of the top 3 techniques and find what will work best for you and your business.

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