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Aircraft charter versus Flying First Class

There are many differences between flying in a charter aircraft and flying first class.One option may be more expensive than the other, or one more convenient than the other.It is up for you to decide which method of transportation in going to fit best for your busy professional life.

Below are listed some advantages and disadvantages for both flying on an aircraft charter and in first class.It is important for you to consider these options and make a well informed decision as to what best fits your means and needs.

Aircraft Charter
Advantages:When you charter an aircraft there are many advantages.You will be able to avoid all of the hassle involved with long lines at the airport. You will be able to book a flight that has your busy schedule in mind.Also a charter plane allows you to board hassle-free and fly while you consult with your business partners.A charter jet provides the advantages of having made to order scheduling and accommodations for on-board business meetings.You'll never waste another day on some overcrowded commercial flight again!Chartered aircrafts have you and only you as their customer.You know exactly who will be on your flight.

Disadvantages: Among the disadvantages of chartering an aircraft is that you will find that a lot of charter services require minimum purchase agreements.This means that you have to commit a certain amount of flights (money) to this service when you sign up for it. Some smaller/less expensive companies do not offer as many flight plan options.You may have to schedule way in advance to get a flight to your particular destination.It is also a possibility that you may have trouble finding a charter jet that flies internationally at an affordable rate.Where you can frequently find discounts for frequent flights at an airline, such discounts are more difficult to find on a chartered flight.Although it is not impossible to find great deals with charter flights, they are nowhere near as common and user friendly as flying commercially with the airlines.

First Class
Advantages:Long has the first class flier been associated with the rich and famous.Luxury abounds behind the curtain that separates the ordinary people in coach with the high rollers of first class.The advantages of first class are many.Outside of the aircraft you are first to board and given special treatment from the moment you set foot on the plane.First class meals are to die for.Some common airline options are veal, lobster, and filet mignon.Not to mention divine desserts, free drinks and awesome entertainment.First class fliers frequently have their own televisions, DVD players and top-of-the-line headsets.First class fliers don't just sit in style; they can sleep in style too.Seats fully recline, bed linens and even pajamas are available with some airlines!First class is designed to help you forget that you are even on a plane and allows you to relax and be pampered while you travel.

Disadvantages: Arguably the only disadvantage to flying first class is going to the price.You pay not only for a comfortable flight, but all sorts of extra amenities that can add up to 11 times more the cost of a standard coach ticket.To fly just within the continental U.S. will set you back anywhere between $8,500 and $12,500!

Also consider that for the price of one more expensive first class ticket, you could charter your own jet and fly your whole office to their destination.Yes, it may not be with free drinks in hand, but if you are going to spend $12,000 on a flight wouldn't you rather have that pay for a group to fly and not just one person?

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