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Benefits and drawbacks of rehiring past employees

handshake32145701.jpg Whether a company is contemplating rehiring past employee because of layoffs, or employees moved or any other reason, there are benefits and some drawbacks.The benefits and drawbacks of rehiring past employees are not considered equal.The benefits typically out weight the drawbacks.Company rehires are also known as boomerangs and retreads.This is because they have come back full circle.

The benefits of rehiring past employees are different with each business and each individual rehire.The boomerangs that come back after they have left the company on their own will have different circumstances than the rehires from company layoffs.One is not necessarily better than the other; they are just different and will need to be handled as such.

Many companies will have a rehire policy set in place for any rehiring of past employees.This can help with the benefits and drawbacks for the company and the boomerang employees.

So what are the benefits and drawbacks of rehiring past employees?The drawbacks are simple; there are three main ones.

  1. Employees come back with the baggage they left with.This can include any bad habits that they formed on the job.
  2. Rehired employees may not get along so great with the employees that have been hired in their absence.
  3. Employers have to carefully handle the position that the rehired employee will assume.This may include former jr. employees that are now higher up the ladder than the boomerang employee and now over the boomerang employee.

The benefits of rehiring past employees will out weight the drawbacks for most of the business that have rehired employees.The benefits will include not having to train new employees.No recruiting cost for the company.Rehired employees are familiar with the company procedures and culture.The loyalty seems to have increased in the rehired or boomerang employee.

So to begin with the first benefit to rehiring past employees is that there is no need to train new employees.Depending on the time that the boomerang employee has been away, it may be necessary to give some training on new policies.Many companies have found that this is less expensive than totally training a new employee.

The next benefit of hiring past employees is that there are no recruiting cost. This means that as a former employee, employers know what the employees can do and they do not have to go find someone and recruit them.Rehiring past employees saves on trying new employee and finding they are just not what they seemed.

When rehiring past employees, another benefit is that the rehired employee already knows the businesses procedures and the culture within the business.Boomerang employees have the advantage of knowing what goes on during the meetings.They also know why some employees do one thing one way and why others do it another way. The procedures are familiar and so it becomes a benefit to the business.

One other benefit of rehiring past employees is that the loyalty from the employee to the business has increased.Many companies that have rehired past employees have discovered that the rehired employees are more loyal after the rehiring.This is because they have seen other business and worked with other people.The boomerang employees find that they want to come back where they like it better.They then become more loyal to the company and the employers that they work for.

The benefits and drawbacks of hiring past employees will change with every employee that is rehired.Every business that rehires past employees will have different benefits and drawbacks.The drawbacks typically will not be greater than the benefits.Most companies find that it is beneficial to rehire past employees.The boomerang employees are a benefit to most employers.

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