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Business Management, who covers when managers are out?

Who covers for you when you're out of the office?

When managing a successful business there are times as a business professional that you will have to be away from the office, some of these times may include attending board meetings, out of town conventions and/or out marketing to generate new business for your company. There will also be times when you will be away from the office due to vacation, family needs or an illness.In any of these typical circumstances there should always be someone in place to cover your position and manage both your staff and business needs while you are away.

Who possesses the best business management skills on your team?

In order to choose that perfect individual or team of individuals from your staff to take charge and manage your business you should look at the following questions and match them with your current staff to see which person would be the most successful in keeping your business on track while you're away.

1. First and foremost who do you feel is the most trustworthy on your team?
2. Which of your staff members genuinely has your company's best interest at heart and is willing to step up when you are out?
3. Who keeps a professional outlook and attitude during changes, stressful situations and deadline crunches?
4. Who on your staff is a team player and always has their daily and weekly projects done?
5. Who is organized and able to multitask all throughout their day ensuring that each task is executed and done in a quality manor?
6. Which of your team do you feel will make appropriate decisions while you are away in case of a crises or emergency?
7. When I am away from the office who could and will take leadership of the team? Who will actually have the staff follow them and continue to maintain good business management choices?

Each of these questions above are very important to ask yourself. They will truly help guide you and separate your business needs, when choosing the right individual to have take upon the added responsibility in your absence. You may even find the after reviewing all of your options that one or more of your staff have a lot but not all of the qualities and skills needed to replace you. You may have to divide up the responsibilities among two or more individuals.

What needs to be set into place after choosing a surrogate business manager?

The most important thing that needs to be done after you have chosen a staff member or members to be in charge during your absence, is to meet with them, asking their permission to utilize them in that manor, and to take on additional tasks in addition to there own responsibilities. Some individuals will not be comfortable taking on such an important roll.

Second is to inform them of your expectations and what will be expected from them while you are away. It is a great idea to already have a list of tasks and expectations written to present to them at this time. That way they are able to know up front what is needed from them and also give them a chance to choose if they are willing to do such tasks for you and the company.Also it is not a bad idea to have a back up individual or individuals that you also feel has many of the above business management qualities in case your first choice declines your proposal.

In any case the best thing for your company is to have a great management plan in place when you are away from the office.

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