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Business Plan Consulting

Business plan consulting is a saving grace for many hard working entrepreneurs.Writing a business plan alone is a long, time consuming process that can easily cost you an excess of 500 hours.It is draining and at some points boring.You have to make certain that your spelling, grammar, presentation, and content are superb, and it needs to be done in as few pages as possible.With the eternally busy world we live in, that task can easily sound nearly impossible.That is where the consulting firms step in.

There are many different kinds of business plan consulting firms.These firms range widely from single experts to entire teams of experts, from expensive to inexpensive.However, not all business firms are created equal.The price often tends to reflect the quality.An inexpensive single consultant's work is likely to be much lower in quality than an entire team of workers.

Tasks performed by these consultants vary just as widely as do their prices.Some of the more expensive firms will actually write the business plan for you, utilizing their marketing, writing, entrepreneurial and financial experts to help you create your dream.Other consultants will look at your plan, give you tips, and guide you as you create your own business plan, but will only advise.

Hiring a business plan consultant doesn't give you all the answers.You still need to do your part.You need to be familiar with the basics of your business.Things like: whom your target market is, how you plan on marketing to them, and what it is you expect them to be most interested in are things that a firm and consultant will expect you to know and have planned.You need to be prepared to move at a fast pace.Many consultants are not going to continue helping you past six months if the details of your business aren't starting to come together.

It is highly recommended that you complete as much of the plan as possible.There are many ways for you to receive help.Books such as New Venture Creation by Jeffry A. Timmons can help you understand the process and the steps you should take.Only after you have done all you can do should you look to hire a firm or consultant.

When choosing between the hundreds of choices it is important to remember that like any other important decision, this requires research.As one looking to hire you have to be willing to go to sources online and off line to decide what it is you are looking for in a consultant.One excellent place to being research is at the Institute of Management Consultants website ( provide you with the ethic code as formed by the IAMC, a guide that you may download for hiring a consultant and a list of members.

If you do end up hiring business plan consulting, make sure you and your consultant are on the same page.It is vital to your plan and to your business that both your ideas and his/hers are flowing in the same direction.In the end, it will be your business that they help create, so make sure they create it your way.You don't want to have to pay bills for something you didn't want.

In a few cases, rather than hiring an expensive single consultant, hire two that are lower in cost.That way you can look at the work from two different experts and see which ideas you like better.Hopefully you will gain the best of two worlds for a decent price rather than receiving professional but one-sided suggestions.

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