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Charting office progress and goals is a necessary part of organizing your office so that you can achieve particular project goals, office goals, and different company goals.

However, charting your office and your project's progress along with your goals can be more difficult than you think that it is. You have to carefully think about what your goals are and what the best options would be for organizing your own charts.

When you are charting your office and your project progress and goals, a good way to do in order to effective and comprehensibly chart them is by using organization charts. While organization charts are often used to demonstrate the way that the actual company is organized, you can also use an organizational chart as a way to demonstrate the progress of your organization's and your project's goals.

The problem with organization charts

? The original and standard organization charts tend to be really complicated and confusing for different people. These organization charts are the charts that are used to demonstrate what the organizational structure is supposed to be.

? Organization charts are a way of demonstrating the formal structure of the company. Of course, we all know that organizational charts usually just show what the structure of the responsibility is in your organization, rather than the actual power structure of your organization. Organization charts can't demonstrate what the lines of communication are in your company.

The reason why organization charts end up being so confusing is because they don't adequately demonstrate the real structure of your organization. Also, if the relationships within your company change a lot due to shifting responsibilities, then you are going to have to come up with a new organization chart so often that it's pointless to even make organization charts.

The better way to chart an organization is by charting the lines of communication within an organization or within a project. This chart can demonstrate how much time people spend working together and can radically change the diagram of your company. This point leads us to how organizational charts can be used to chart office progress and office goals.

Organizational charts as a way of charting progress and goals

Organizational charts can actually become a proactive tool within your company. The way that organization charts can be used proactively is by creating an organization chart that demonstrates what you actually want the structure to be.

With this type of organization chart, you use goals to direct how the organization chart will be drawn. Start by coming up with your broad purpose and overall mission for your organization or company. Then move to specific goals, and then objectives that define precisely what needs to be done to accomplish each goal.

Ensure that all goals are set with the entire team involved. Doing this will ensure everybody's commitment to the cause.

Come up with an organization chart that shows where each person fits within the particular project. This will enable you to see how people are doing within the project itself as you consistently reevaluate where people are within the organization and if responsibilities and relationships are organized according to plan.

Make sure that these organizational charts are regularly distributed to your office members and the members of your team. This will help everyone see that things are on track-or that they are not on track.

Have regular group meetings that are organized so that they will be effective uses of time. Evaluate the progression of goals as demonstrated by the organization chart. Are you coming closer to achieving your goals? Are all of your team members in proper relation to the goals and to each other?

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