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Combining management with network marketing

confidence30842627.jpgManagers have a number of different responsibilities but one of the most important responsibilities is the ability to learn network marketing. Unlike traditional forms of marketing, network marketing is based on the individual performance of a person. This means a manager must learn how to socialize and promote the company on their own instead of turning over things to their marketing director. While you need to work closely with the marketing director, you must be able to spread word of mouth about the company independent of your marketing director.

Several companies turn to network marketing when they are launching a new product. It is one of the best ways to advertise the company for free as people will be inspired to tell their friends, family, and colleagues about your company and the new product. The trick to successful network marketing is learning how to make friends with influential people that will do all the word of mouth marketing for you.

To start network marketing, make a list of your social and business networks. You want to look for all the people that have some type of influence in your industry and are members of your target market. This is the best way to help your customers learn about your new product of service without having to do a lot to promote it.

While one of your main responsibilities as a manager is to learn how to successfully network market, your employees must also learn how to do this. For example, let's say you work for a non-profit organization that specializes in saving animals from being euthanized. Hopefully the people that work for you already have a strong desire to save animals and they own animals. This will make your employees passionate about their jobs as they have a total commitment to the mission of the organization. Now, who is their network market? Everyone that owns an animal and truly cares for that animal is considered your target audience. Their social network may not be individuals that love animals and are as passionate about saving them, but they may be convinced to save animals if your employees learn how to market to them appropriately. Throwing statistics at some people is one way to get their attention, but telling them a story that is personal and tugs at their heartstrings is the best way to raise money for your cause. This type of marketing is considered network marketing and it can be done by each employee that works for your company.

Everyone knows that marketing refers to a broad range of things. While advertising often gets thrown into the phrase "marketing" it is actually a completely separate department and must be treated as such. Advertising is used to gain the initial attention of your target market and your marketing efforts will take over from here to not only keep this attention by to inspire your customers to take action. Yes it is true that the two departments must work closely together, but you still need to recognize the difference between them if you want your company to become successful. The other thing a manager must recognize is the difference in their employees that specialize in advertising and their employees that specialize in marketing. A manager must be able to help the individuals recognize how they can find common ground with their ideas as they are both used to help the company progress and move forward.

Manager must learn how to inspire their employees to think out of the box from traditional marketing efforts. They must be able to teach their employees how to break through barriers that can hurt network marketing. Shyness and other uncertainties is the biggest culprit of network marketing and many of your employees will experience this as they learn how to approach their social network and ask for support.

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