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Establishing monthly reporting procedures

For most companies, having monthly reporting procedures in place will allow for a smooth, effective working environment. Good organizational skills go a long way in developing proper procedures to be followed by your employees. You will need to sit down and determine every part of your company you would like a monthly report from. Here are a few reports you need to know each month.

  • Finance reports

  • - Sales Reports

  • - Marketing Reports

  • - Human Relations reports

  • - Distribution Reports

Finance Reports

Your finance department should always be one of the top things on your list. You need to be aware of your day-to-day cash flow information and make sure you are maintaining a positive cash flow. Your finance report should include the following:
  • Salaries

  • - Receipts and payments

  • - Opening bank balance

  • - Closing bank balance

  • - Excess receipts that may put you in a negative cash flow situation

Sales Reports
Sales are the lifeblood of a company. They provide the revenue that pays for operating costs and then some. Make sure you keep on top of your sales reports by knowing the past sales and the goals for the future. Your sales team should inform you of large sales that are pending and monthly predictions.

Marketing Reports

Marketing and Sales tend to go hand in hand, however they are two different things. Marketing is typically responsible for generating the interest in new clients and it is up to the sales department to sell the product. Your marketing team should keep you well informed of the expenses they are incurring for promotions and how they plan to re-coop those expenses.

Human Relations Reports
Your HR department is important for keeping your employees happy. They are the people who deal with sexual harassment problems, workplace accidents, and day-to-day occurrences that stifle an organization. Your HR department should inform you of troubled employees or complaints from departments on management decisions. This can help you when it comes time to do employee evaluations. Having a good HR team is essential to larger organizations as they have to deal with many different types of people.

Distribution Reports
Once your product is made, marketed, and sold; your distribution team is in charge of getting it out the door in a timely fashion. The distribution team should report expenses related to materials needs to ship products and should also inform you of inventory expenses.

These are just a few reports from a broad range. Most companies will have several reports pertaining to many areas. Sit down with each department and discuss the reporting procedures you would like to put into place. Determine what information is important to you and what information they need to report to other departments to keep everyone on the same page. By establishing proper reporting procedures, you will find that your business will be organized effectively. This will make it much easier for you to manage if each department knows about the other department and how they affect each other.

Get together with all of your departments on a monthly basis. At this time you can allow each department to express their needs and concerns. With everyone on the same page, you will be able to make a better decision for your business future. You can see periods of low cash flow, and periods of large sales. It also helps to know if there are internal problems in the organization that may be affecting the overall productivity of the business. Each department plays a critical role in growing the company and establishing your company's image in the workplace. Take time to set up proper reporting procedures with each organization so you can watch your company grow.

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