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Features of human resource management

office23648847.jpgHuman resource management focuses on an organization's most important assets, which are its employees, but it does not do so in a simple manner. There are many different features that are included in the human resource department, but all of the features deal with a specific aspect of the employees. Human resource management actually refers to the processes that are involved with managing all of the people in the business, which includes employing and training employees, but also refers to monitoring their progress and rewarding them for their performance.

Here are the four features of human resource management.

Number one: Organizational management
Organizational management is needed in every business because it is used to support the entire business, the employees, and the business itself. Organizational management helps improve the employees and the business so that the employees and the business can better serve their customers, which makes them more profitable. Organizational management works best by having a leader that understands all of the issues that are facing the business because they can implement plans that are designed to handle each individual issue. Organizational management will also be able to maintain operational functions, develop employee skills, and manage human resources while dealing with each individual issue that the business faces.

Number two: Personnel Administration
Personnel administration is just another name for the human resources department in a business. This section of the business is one of the most important departments of the business because of how important their role in the business is. The personnel administration is responsible for all aspects of the employees. This means that they are in charge of recruiting employees, they must plan any recruiting activities, even if it is the simple process of placing an ad in the newspaper. Personnel administration is also responsible for hiring employees and training employees. Personnel administration develops the training programs for each job level at the organization, even if they are not the ones to do the actual training of the employees. Perhaps the most important aspect of the personnel administration is that they are responsible for creating employee assessment forms that other managers use to asses an employee's skills.

Number three: Manpower Management
Manpower management is an extension of the personnel administration, except it only focuses on the recruiting aspect of hiring the employees. Every great organization needs to have manpower management in their human resources department so that they can focus on hiring the right employees for the jobs that are available. Having a great manpower management team is going to ensure that your job positions are properly described, which helps your business recruit the right employees for your organization. A great example of manpower management is websites such as The website allows you to post job descriptions, so you can recruit employees for any open positions, but you can also browse through potential employees resumes to find somebody who meets your business' needs.

Number four: Industrial Management
Industrial management is the last feature of human resource management and focuses on the performance of the employees within the organization. Industrial management involves keeping records of the employee's performance based on their specific job, but records are also kept on the performance of the machines to ensure that the machines are working properly so the employees can get their jobs done as efficiently as possible. Keeping track of this kind of information allows your business to see what improvements need to be made, making the necessary improvements means that work is done at a faster pace and it is done more efficiently.

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