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Finding great assistant managers that support you

busfriends30396999-1.jpgManagers can become successful if they surround themselves with talented people that can support them and help them do their job. Assistant managers will be one of your most important hires. An assistant manager is there to help you get your job done effectively and to make sure the business is running smoothly. They can handle some of the mundane tasks that you may not have time to get to. In order to find a good assistant manager, you need to interview several candidates. You need to keep your eye open for an individual that possesses natural leadership skills, understands the importance of business communications, and has strategic planning skills that can help you do your job better.

During the interview process, drill the person to find out who they really are. You need to look for character questions that will tell you about that person. This way you can get a sense of not only their work background, but their personal background. Learning about their morals, priorities, and other personal qualities will help you form a relationship with this person which helps you understand if you can trust them or not. Ask questions about their interpersonal skills and how they would handle specific situations like the firing of an employee or dealing with a employee-customer conflict.

It is important to stress the value of teamwork. Without employees pulling together to accomplish the goals of the business, your company will not last long. A good assistant manager will recognize the importance of their employees and how you can rely on them to help you do your job better.

Find out how this individual works under pressure. Meeting deadlines is one of the responsibilities that will be charged to the assistant manager. The assistant manager must help you stay on schedule so that you do not miss any of your deadlines. Working closely with another person is a great way to keep the business running smoothly and you have someone to trust when you need to head out of the office for a few hours or a few days. The assistant manager may not have all the control and access that you do, but they should be competent enough to step up to the plate and run the business in your absence.

During the job interview, ask the potential employee what they think the job responsibilities are for an assistant manager. Of course you should expect responses like managing the day to day activities of a business and employee training, but you should also expect to hear some responses like aiding the manager in his/her client services and acting as a liaison between the manager and the employees.

Your goal as a manager is to find the best assistant manager out there that your employees will trust and respect. Part of doing this includes asking them difficult questions like "tell me about a difficult situation where your attempts were criticized by others and how did you respond to this?" You want the assistant manager to admit that they have some weaknesses. This shows that a person is able to overcome those weaknesses and learn from them versus allowing them to overcome them. Throw out the interview candidates that can only talk about their amazing talents and skills. While you want to hire this person, you also want to find someone that knows they have weaknesses and admits them. A person that won't admit their weaknesses will hide them and it can actually be bad for your company if they are suddenly exposed without warning. Always look for the weaknesses in everyone when you hire them so you know where you can start your training.

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