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Home business reality checks you should run before deciding to start one

Do you want to work from home?
Are you tired of being a slave to your boss?
Do you want to set your own hours?
Do you want to set your own dress code?
Do you want to make thousands and thousands a week from your own home?

Most people would say an enthusiastic, "YES, YES! I WANT THAT!" But few stop to take a reality check.If starting and operating a home business were this easy, wouldn't everyone be doing it?And if you could really make thousands of dollars a week by sitting in your underwear, don't you think that more people would jump on the home business bandwagon?

The truth is that starting a home business is a lot harder than you may think.Some assume that they will make money without spending any.Others expect instant success.It is true that once in a while you will have that hit idea that everyone wants and is willing to pay for and business can boom right away.But this is not the case for all home business starters. Below are some business reality checks you need to take before taking the plunge into the world of self at-home employment:

1. How carefully have you selected your home business opportunity? - Your home business should be something that you have a particular knack for.You need to have a skill or natural talent to do whatever your home business is going to mandate.For example, you may think that starting a knitting sales business is a fabulous idea, but things probably won't work out for you if you have never knitted a day in your life.Make sure that your home business fits you and is going to be something that you enjoy and are good at doing day after day.
2. What kind of financial investments are you willing to make? - There are few exceptions to the rule that you can make something from nothing.You are most likely going to have to spend money to make money.Even setting up a website will often have some monthly fee attached to it.Carefully consider all of the financial sacrifices that you will have to make.
3. Are you willing to commit the time and resources it takes to start a business? - If your mentality is to make lots of money really quickly, you may have another thing coming.It takes time to start and market your business.The odds are slim to none that you will become a millionaire over night.Starting a home business requires time to market, balance finances, deal with customers, handle problems, etc.
4. Do you have a plan for health insurance? Retirement? Investing? - One of the benefits for working for someone else is that you don't have to worry about the details.Well, as the proud owner of your own home business, you are going to have to start thinking about how you are going to find medical coverage for yourself, how you will invest for your retirement, etc.
5. Are your educated on your legal rights? - Sadly it is naivety that is the destroying force of home businesses.Copywriters, trade markers and product safety concerns can quickly turn into lawsuits that can take you for all that you are worth.Know the rules of the game.Have legal aid there to help you at least in the beginning when most of your paperwork will be written.(oh, and remember, lawyers like to be paid for their services, so plan on having money to do that).
6. What happens when you don't see the success you hoped for?Do you have a back-up plan? - Diving into a home business without considering the risks is just as smart as diving into a pool without checking to make sure that it is filled with water.It is not pessimistic to have a plan B.Many people starting home businesses do so to spend more time with their families.What then is that family to do when this business, which is providing for their means of survival, flops?You had better thought of how long you can last without income and what your options are to make the money that you need.

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