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How can I improve team dynamics?

What is that unseen force that pulls and influences a team to act and react in a specific way? Why, this is the significant process of team dynamics. What can a manager and team do to improve team dynamics?

Take a team of 10 people and out of that 10 people there are two groups of 3 that have a close relationship. This natural force will have an effect on the team in both the positive and negative.

Another factor that plays into team dynamics is communication. If there are barriers between two groups of workers, say a wall or something to that affect, a natural force would cause an influence in the team dynamics.

In addition, other variables tend to influence team dynamics. Termination or changes in the team's management are also a huge factor in the team dynamics. This loss creates an absence of the norm and thus changes the overall team structure.

What are the recognizable traits in team dynamics?

Look for personality types.

Do not label, or categorize, but be aware of the different positives and negatives in each team member.

Team Roles

Each team member has a role they play; this can be anything from a leader to a back up.

Tools and Technology

The tools that a team uses are also team dynamics. This would mean the use of email, bulletin boards, website etc.

Office layout

The layout of the office, its surroundings and sections is all part of office dynamics.

Organizational structure

This would be anything that shows status or structure Similar to company cars, credit cards, offices, vacations etc.

Methods of procedure

The process that problems are resolved and steps that tasks are completed will also factor into the office dynamics.

In order to improve team dynamics these areas need to be recognized and worked with to create a strong team atmosphere are structure.

Understanding your team as a system is imperative. Look at each personality and see what they have to offer. Look out of the box. These ideas can help you to change the norm of your team and spice it up with some change and empowerment.

The different people of your team will play roles. Use these natural roles to emphasize the growth of your team.

A leader will be more natural as a guide for others as long as they are not too pushy. Give them a little authority and watch them grow.

The hard worker wants to work, but do not over burden or over look them. Keep in mind that they want some recognition, whether it be in private or in public.

Mr. Consistent is awesome because, even though they do not always exceed expectations, they will always meet them. These are the key players in that they are to work every day and on time. They will always do what is required of them. Be thankful for that, as some of the over achievers tend to be a little less consistent.

None of these personalities is better than the other. It takes all kinds to make a team. Use these traits in your team dynamics to build a more powerful and enjoyable team.

Watch the team, the environment and the tasks, then learn about what you can do to emphasize the positives and minimize the negatives in order to improve overall team dynamics.

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