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How can I improve unity in my management team?

A management team, similar to any other team needs to be unified with the key elements in team building- trust, worth, expectations, and needs.

In the team, level of management there is not only the normal stresses of work; there is also the added responsibility of the entire team. This means the stats, the goals, the attendance etc.

Managing managers is an entire different type of learning to manage than a regular team. The same basics are implied and used, however there needs to be a different level of respect with the responsibility, a different level of trust with the benefits.

As a manager of managers, you will need to make sure that they have the tools to meet their agent's needs. Providing them with the tools, training and insight they need to maximize customer satisfaction, and maintain a positive moral on the team itself. This will reduce the costs of attrition, and bring up the overall sales.

Communication is a huge area that is necessary in managing a management team. Each manager with be using their wits, patients, and skill to manage a team of employees. This will then in turn need to be discussed, backed up and shown empathy towards.

In order to help unify your management team you will need to create a trust and bond with each manager. This is done by listening, trusting their opinion, and helping with the advice you can. Each manager will have their own style, however there are also management training coursed you can have your managers take along with you, to learn successful ways to promote a positive work atmosphere.

As managers you all put in many hours of hard work, therefore the rewards should be implemented so the managers will feel like they are working for something.

Goals should be set for the managers to reach. They should be goals that are obtainable, and achieved.

There should be a weekly meeting so that the managers can track progress of projects, but also to discuss areas they feel need improvement.

Another great way to bring unity to a management team is to have activities that include the managers together. Team manager workshops, games, activities, challenges, competitions, and luncheons are a few examples.

It is necessary that all team members get training in team terminology, definitions, models and dynamics that will be used throughout the organization. This gets everyone in the organization playing off the same page, which allows you to become "one" in purpose, direction, and methodology.

There are seminars that you and your team can take that would help build a strong for of unity. Many of the seminars can implement these goals and teach your team to be able to confront and handle many situations. Here is a list of some basic steps they can learn to conquer.
- Learn ways to achieve the "impossible" by working together in true team dynamics.
- Learn how to eliminate low performance, complaining and a lack of efficiency.
- Learn how to create true teamwork in your organization allowing "synergistic results," (the ability to do a LOT more with less effort).
- Learn a system that ensures relentless accountability.
- Learn how to create 100% trust within your organization.
With whatever road of learning you choose for your managers, remember to allow them the same learning, patients, and expectations that you would allow any employee. With great power comes great responsibility, with great responsibility, great trust must follow.

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