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How do I get listed in major business directories?

As a business owner you will want to get your business listed in as many directories as possible.A business directory is a listing of businesses that are working in a given area.Often times they will list information on the business in addition to their contact information.

You will want to go to your local chamber of commerce and register there.They will often have a list of the other directories that you will want to be listed in.Most importantly this will give you an opportunity to network with the other businesses that function in your area.Some of them may need your services in addition to being able to connect you with other businesses like business directories.

Additionally, if you are only a city in a metropolis, then you will want to be listed in the other cities as well.Some chambers share their information very well while other cities do not.You will want to find if you can go to one chamber and be listed across the entire metropolis.If you can't, then it will be well worth your time contacting the other chambers to see if you can get listed with them as well.

One of the best resources to search for business directories will be the internet.The best way to find these directories will be to search your city along with business directory.This search will create a list of many different business directories.Some are better than others and which ones will depend on the city you are working in.You will want to check the traffic the site gets before putting any money into that particular directory.

You may find that these sites will let you list for free and then have optional fees that they charge.For instance, you are able to list your site for free, but if you want color added to your site or to be listed first you will have to pay a fee.You may also be able to get them to send you statistics on how many people looked at your advertisement or how many people searched their directory for your particular business.

You should know that there is a major difference between an internet search engine and an internet business directory.The search engines have algorithms they use to find the best site that matches your search.The directory will not search your site, but will search the information that you input that will link to your site.For instance, if you run a dry cleaning business and you list it in the directory as such, but you don't include that you press clothes, a person that just wants to find somebody who can do pressing may not pull up your business in the directory.You will have to be very specific on your keywords when you list your business in the directory.

Another important directory to be listed in is the yellow pages.Find out when the next book is to be published and make sure you are included.If you don't have access to the internet, what is the first place you look to find a plumber?Most people look to the yellow pages.You will want to get listed there as soon as possible.

In summary, there are many different business directories that you can get listed in.Some are free and others charge fees.The most important directories are the chamber of commerce, the yellow pages and multiple internet sites.Some sites do better than others so you will need to do your homework before you spend your money to get listed.

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