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How to be a manager and a friend

You must be a good leader to be a successful manager and a patient, understanding person to be friend. As a good manager and leader, you must create an atmosphere that encourages productivity, you must also direct and control employees' activities. A manager that is a friend will require a flexible approach, that is based on a relationship with your employee's. There are some things you can do to be both a manager and a friend.

Begin by building a relationship with your staff. A good relationship has several characteristics. One of the main characteristics is trust. People who trust one another are able to openly discuss their successes and their failure and learn from them. Respect is another characteristic. When people respect one another they value each other's opinions. Relationships involve people that are considerate and honest with each other.

Create a positive work environment. As a friend and manager you want to create the best possible work environment for employees' to work in. Reduce office politics and other negative activities by creating team building situations. These types of situations can strengthen employee relationships.Allow friendly conversations before meetings and look for fun opportunities that give people a chance to get to know each other. Encourage positive interaction among employees'.Stress the importance of honesty and integrity, as well as team work. Remember if employees do not respect one another, they are less likely to work as a team to reach a common goal and are more likely to engage in negative activities such as spreading rumors around the office and taking credit for other peoples' work.

As a manager, you will want to provide your employees with competitive salaries so that they are productive and perform the job tasks that are required. As a friend, you will want to provide competitive salaries, to ensure that your employees are able to maintain their households and take care of their families. A friend would not underpay a friend because it sends the message that their efforts and time are not important and not valued.

Take employee concerns seriously. If they are ever feeling overwhelmed let them know they can come to you with their concerns without having to fear harsh criticism or negative repercussions. Follow through with assistance. Also, keep an eye out for signs that an employee is at risk for burnout. Excessive overtime, attendance problems and continually missing deadlines are just some of the common burnout indicators to watch for. Encourage employees to take regular breaks and lunches and also vacations. A manager knows that an employee that is burned out is not productive. And a manager also know that employees that are well rested are more productive and efficient than those that are not. As a friend, they do not want to see each other burned out and overwhelmed. A friend offers their help and assistance.

As a friend and manager, you will want to communicate openly with employees. Instead of just telling employees what to do, offer suggestions and encourage them to share their own ideas and concerns. They will feel more respected and valued by doing this then if you were to bark out orders. Offer positive feedback as much as possible. When an employee needs to improve, offer suggestions and guidance. Don't just point out their mistakes and errors, look for the positives.

Set the example for your employees to follow. Your actions will be observed closely and imitated, so be sure you are professional at all times. Work at improving your manager skills every day so that you can give your employees, who are also your friends the best guidance and leadership possible.

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