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How to become a respected and liked manager

ladyoncellphone30335335.jpgA manager that is respected and well-liked holds personality qualities that naturally draw people to them. Some people feel that once they hold the leadership position, the skills will come however the skills you need lie in your basic personality. You need to have the initiative to bring out the leadership skills that you know you possess. If you have become a manager, there are some skills you need that will help you become a well respected and liked manager.

Visualize your goals
Managers that are respected have some sort of vision for the future. Their employees want to follow them because they know they can plan things accordingly. When you have a plan, you will have productive end results and the employees that work for you are able to understand their assignments easier.Proper distribution of tasks allows everyone to be on the same page and miscommunication is rare.

Think back over all of the different manager you have worked for. What are some of the things you appreciate about them? One quality a good leader will possess is the ability to provide their employees with feedback. Not only do you need to offer feedback, employees need constructive feedback. You don't need to criticize them all the time about the work they are doing wrong, but you simply need to offer tips on how they can do better. Watch your employees and look for moments when you can offer them praise for their hard work. Employees need to hear that they are doing a good job as this helps to motivate and inspire them to continue working.

Remain professional
There are going to be difficult moments and difficult personalities. As a manager, you have the responsibility to approach these situations professionally. Do not let your frustration get the best of you. If you are caught ranting and raving to your staff, they will not forget it and people will instead see your level of immaturity and lack of true leadership skills.

Loosen up once and awhile
While you need to remain professional most of the tie, there are a few moments when you need to loosen up and just enjoy being a manager. Don't be afraid to show your fun side once and awhile and laugh with your staff. Having a sense of humor helps to break the tension your employees may be feeling and it makes you an approachable person. Laughter makes everyone feel at ease and the working conditions improve for everyone. When your employees are at ease and happy with their jobs, everyone will be more productive and they will respect you.

Delegation of power
A great way to become a respected and liked manager is to delegate a bit of your power to your employees. You need to offer a bit of your roles to your staff members in order to give them the chance to increase their skills. Giving them a bit of your responsibility also shows them that you trust and respect them, leading to mutual trust in your relationship with your employees.

Team-building activities
In order to become a well-liked manager, you need to build an enjoyable work environment. Look for opportunities where you can take your employees out of the office and participate in fun activities. Getting out of the office allows everyone to relax and to work on building a relationship outside of the office. Try going out to lunch with your employees and just talk about life instead of always talking business. Learning a few details about your employees will provide you with a bit of extra information you can use to form strong bonds with your employees.

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