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How to build relationships appropriate for work with your staff

Having a pleasant work environment can help employees be more productive. When employees enjoy the environment they work in, they are less likely to call in sick and will perform job tasks with more positive attitude than if the work environment is negative. A positive work environment depends a lot on relationships with employees.
There are several appropriate ways to build relationships with employees; one is to have a positive attitude. Avoid negative thoughts; try to be less judgmental and more accepting of others. A positive attitude can be contagious, the more you practice on staying positive, the more pleasant your work environment may become.
There is just common respect, which is something that is very important with building office relationships. Treat people with courtesy and politeness. Never insult people or name call. Try not to be a part of office gossip. Talking behind other people's backs will only cause tension and hurt feelings, which will only create a negative working environment. Set an example for others to follow by staying professional and polite to all employees.

Treat employees as adults not children. Employees should be treated with respect and fairness. Employees are not children and the work environment is not a daycare. Develop procedures that organize work effectively, do not create "rules," adults know the "rules." Create procedures to help employees maximize their productivity while maintaining a professional atmosphere.
Do not jump to conclusions. Gather as much information as possible before responding to a situation. Not knowing all the facts can cause misunderstandings. You should always respond to a situation, not just react. Try to be non judgmental and listen to all parties involved in the situation before responding to the situation. When a negative situation arises, be direct and courteous. Develop a plan of action to address the problem.
Encourage all coworkers to express their opinions and ideas. Listen to what other employees have to say before adding your input. Include employees in meetings and discussions. Provide an equal opportunity for employees to be involved in committees and improvement teams. Do not exclude any one employee from being involved in work related discussions or from voicing their opinions and ideas.
Provide all employees with the opportunity to grow and develop.Training and other educational courses should be offered to all employees. Employees should be encouraged to advance, not discouraged.
Do not constantly criticize employees over little things. Praise more often than criticize. Provide appropriate rewards so people feel they are valued.Recognizing employees with praise and appropriate rewards can produce a positive work environment while boosting morale.
Developing friendships with co-workers should be a natural process. Try to set boundaries to ensure friendships do not interfere with the work environment. Limit personal discussions to lunch breaks or after work. Do not show favoritism to employees that you may be friends with after work ends. Favoritism will only cause negative feelings among employees.
Treat all employees the same no matter their race, religion, gender, size or age. Treating people differently because of their race, religion, gender, size or age can constitute harassment and may cause a hostile work environment also.
When you treat all employees with respect, by being courteous and polite while paying attention and listening to employees opinions and ideas, you will be forming positive relationships in the work place.Being honest and open with your feelings will allow others to do the same.A positive attitude will only help in building positive relationships with coworkers. Positive relationships among coworkers will only raise productivity and keep morale high. A professional and pleasant work environment is a benefit to employees as well as the company that employees them. No one benefits from a negative work environment especially the employees.

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