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How to choose a fulfillment house

If you are the manager of an office or company, one of the questions that might be plaguing your is how to choose a fulfillment house for your company or for your branch or office.When you take into account the fact that studies have shown that around 40% of managers who install a fulfillment house are gone within six months because they chose the wrong system, the question of how to choose a fulfillment house might frighten you even more.
Choosing the right fulfillment house for your company or office is a difficult decision and one that you need to make carefully.Why? Well, if you choose the right fulfillment house, then the fulfillment house can help increase productivity, can increase control, can help provide better customer service, and more.However, if you choose the wrong fulfillment house, then you can end up with decreased productivity and a general mess, then will probably end with you leaving the company.To save you from such a fate, this article will give general guidelines of how to choose both an in-house and an out-sourced fulfillment house.

In-House Fulfillment House
If you have an in-house fulfillment house, you can benefit by having increased control, though only if you have a circulation manager with plenty of experience.If you have adequately trained staff that is great with computers, then you can also have a faster turnaround time for reports, better customer service, and, if you have good control of costs, it can be cheaper to have an in-house fulfillment house.However, if your staff is not adequately trained and if you don't have enough computer support, then an in-house system will just end up with a whole bunch of hassle that will end in disaster.
To successfully work an in-house fulfillment system, then you need to make sure that you have the following elements already in place, or that can be put in place: an excellent computer system, support for continual training, a great internal tech support system, and a very computer trained and capable circulation manager.If you don't have all of these elements, then you should outsource.
Decide what the possible problems and difficulties will be.How will you handle the ebb and flow of data entry?What will happen if your vendor shuts down?What happens if the system breaks down and you have an emergency?Will you have someone to back up your circulation manager?Will the software be easy to upgrade if you outgrow the system?You also need to be willing to listen to the vendor salesperson when he or she tells you what system requirements will work best for you and what kinds of computers and programming will be best for you.Make sure that you go through everyone who will be using the system to discover what they will need from the system, so that you don't run into problems after it's already been installed.

Out-Sourced Fulfillment House

If this seems too much for your company to handle, and you decide to outsource, the best piece of advice that I can give you is to make a list of absolutely everything that you can think of possibly needing.Give it to the fulfillment houses that you are considering.See if they will be able to handle exactly what it is that you will need, both in terms of specifics and in terms of volume.Be absolutely honest about your expectations, and also stick to your guns when it comes to what you need from a fulfillment house.This will make you a stronger negotiator and will help you choose the right fulfillment house for you and your company.

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