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How to choose a mail fulfillment house

The topic of this particular article is the best and most effective way to choose a mail fulfillment house.Now, you might want to start out by asking yourself what, exactly, a mail fulfillment house is.Well, in the old days (read: just about a decade or so ago), when your company had a lot of mailings that had to go out, whether it was company literature, packages, catalogs, newsletters, or whatever, the entire thing fell to the staff to do.That meant that the staff had to make up labels for each recipient of the mail or package.Then the staff had to print out those labels.Then the staff had to put the labels on the envelopes.Then the staff had to organize all of the merchandise or collate all of the company literature, both with mass mailings and with complicated personalized mailings.Then the staff had to put everything in the correct envelope, bag, box, or whatever else was being used to mail things.The staff also had to put address labels and stamps on any publications that were being sent out, like journals, scholarly articles, magazines, all of that kind of thing.Just imagine how much time and energy, and thus how much money, went into just the mailing part of your business!

Whether you're sending out your regular newsletter, whether you have regular mailings that have to go out to specific customers, or whether you have to send out orders on a regular basis, a mail fulfillment house will eventually save you money.Why will a mail fulfillment house save you money?Because time is money, and ultimately your staff will be able to accomplish far more when they're not spending all of their time stuffing envelopes.Your staff will be making more money than you will be paying to a mail fulfillment house.And the mail fulfillment house will get all of your mailing jobs taken care of in a much more efficient and professional manner, cutting down on all of those wasted hours spent fixing mistakes made by your untrained in mailing techniques staff.

So what do you need to look at when you are choosing a mail fulfillment house to take care of your company's mailing needs.Well, obviously, you need to look at the rates and the prices of the mail fulfillment house.What is your company budget?How much of that budget can go towards mailing?What is the breakdown of prices going to be through a mail fulfillment house?What's the breakdown when it comes to supplies, postage, and other fees?Look carefully at all of the fine print when you're choosing a mail fulfillment house.

How effective and efficient is this particular mail fulfillment house?What's their track record?Do they have guarantees on shipping times and order processing times?How well can this particular mail fulfillment house handle changes in deadlines?What about projects that involve short turnaround?What about urgent projects?

How willing is this mail fulfillment house to advise you on different delivery methods?Is the mail fulfillment house particularly attached to a specific delivery method?Are they going to try to sell you on to that mail delivery method, even if it's not the best one to fit the specific needs of your company?Or does this particular mail fulfillment house really have your best interests at heart?Are they willing to tell you what will be the most effective and the most inexpensive options for you to choose to maximize both the effectiveness of your mailings and the price of your mailings?These are all questions that you need to ask when you are looking at choosing a mail fulfillment house.Run the numbers through your budget.And never forget to ask your friends and business associates: if they've had good or bad experiences with specific mail fulfillment houses, they'll either steer you towards or away from the best option for you.

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