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How to coordinate vacation schedules during high vacation months

vacation63559939.jpg Making sure your company has enough employees to operate smoothly is important.It can be really tough when you are open during the summer, or around Thanksgiving and Christmas.Let's look at some ways to make sure your company runs as smoothly as possible during the high vacation months.

First off, just because you may not celebrate a certain holiday doesn't mean everyone else skips it too.If you celebrate Hannukah instead of Christmas, then you will want that time off instead.Most employers give a few days off around Christmas anyways, but if your company doesn't, they pay special attention to these tips.

When you hire someone, make sure they know what holidays and other days they will be given off.If you are a company that changes schedules to meet demand, then let your future employees know that they will be expected to work certain times.You will have a better reaction to schedules coming out during that time if people know that they will be expected to work.It will also help reduce your stress during those times.

There will be days that many people will want off.Remind people that not everyone can get those days off and that only a few people won't be scheduled.If you want, you can have a sign up sheet for people who either want to work that day or who want the day off.If you need a few people to work those days, offer incentives, like double time or a special bonus.There will always be a few people who want to work that day no matter what, but there will be a lot more people who will want to work that day if they are given a little more money.Giving incentives will ensure that you have enough people to work that day without giving you a headache or making employees upset because they can't work.

If you need most of your employees to work on a holiday, then the ones who want it off will usually talk to you way ahead of time.Figure out a couple months ahead how may people you can give the day off to.That way you know exactly how many people you can let have the day off without just guessing or putting more pressure on yourself to figure that out during the busy season.It will be much easier for you to tell someone they can't have the day off right away than telling them you'll get back to them and then telling them they can't have the day off after all.

If you are trying to figure out the best way to keep employees during the summer or during months when you will be busy but your employees want to take time off, then the best thing you can do is to plan ahead.Have a chart, either day by day or weekly, that has the amount of employees you need at the bare minimum.Have the list be so you are able to attend to the needs of customers and the business but couldn't do without one less person.Also make a chart of how many people you can afford to give the day off to.Don't do the absolute maximum.You will always have people call in sick so account for that.It will depend on how large your company is.Make sure that every year, you adjust it if you find you needed less employees or needed more.

When you are hiring employees make sure you tell them what you expect.Make sure they know how much notice you expect when they want time off.This way, you won't worry about too many people taking too much time off.You will still have people who will forget and who will surprise you but this way you will be prepared for those situations.

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