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How to deal with unions as a business manager

Most business managers do not want to even hear the word union - let alone have to deal with unions!Unions are formed by employees to ensure that their rights are being met and taken care of.If work situations get extremely difficult, then unions will come together and go on strike (or make some other type of demonstration).So, as a business manager, how do you deal with unions?Here are some tips on how to deal with unions as a business manager:

- Stop issues before they start:The truth of the matter is, as a business manager, you can do a lot to avoid unions to form.Good employers who are fair, honest, empathetic, and considerate of their employees usually will not drive employees to the point of forming a union.Make sure that you know how to resolve different issues before they even really become an issue.Always be aware, watching to see if employees seem upset, disgruntled, or alienated for one reason or another.If you see a problem starting to arise, then correct it right away.The fast rate that you are able to resolve these issues is an indication of how good of a business manager you are!

- Maintain a direct and personal relationship with employees:Another way that you can deal with unions is to maintain a direct and personal relationship with employees.These direct and personal relationships need to be sincere, or your employees will sense that you do not really care about them.Practice using empathy to help you relate to your employees, building up a good relationship of mutual trust.However, even if a union does start to form, you should still work to have direct and personal contact with your employees.Having this type of relationship will help to appease the demands of the unions, so that everyone should be able to resolve difficulties and problems in an efficient manner.
- Participation programs:It has been suggested that employees get involved in participation programs to help them feel involved and part of their workplace. As a business manager, it is up to you to organize and present these participation programs.This will help the employees to be able to resolve their issues and problems with the workplace.These participation groups can be held before or after a union is formed - it just depends on your particular situation (if you need to prevent or deal with a union).
- Make yourself available:One of the problems with some business managers is that they do not make themselves available to visit and discuss demands of unions.If you are trying to deal with a union, make yourself available to visit with the union to discuss their demands.Some business managers make themselves hard to get a hold of, because they hope that the union will just dissipate and resolve itself.However, this isn't the best idea.What you should do instead is deal with your union by actually talking to them and working out their problems!This will help you to deal with unions in a more effective and time efficient manner!

If you really set out to deal with unions as soon as they start to form (or look like they are going to form), you should be able to reach a consensus and deal with problems rather quickly.After all, employees usually are willing to do anything that they can from going on strike - they obviously don't want to lose their pay and benefits!Many employees are willing to try and resolve issues, and that makes your job as a business manager a lot easier.Good luck in dealing with unions as a business manager!

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