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How to get an 800 number directory

The topic of this article is how to get an 800 number directory.An 800 number directory is basically one of the best resources that your business can have.It lists every single 800 number, toll free number that is out there.This means that as a business or as an individual you can instantly find the exact 800 number for any of those vital services that you need just at that moment.

What exactly is an 800 phone number?800 numbers, along with numbers that begin with 866, 877, and 888, are toll free numbers.Toll free numbers are numbers where the call recipient-the business-pays all of the charges.This is a great courtesy service to customers.It also gives you a chance to get great publicity because you can customize your 800 number.800 numbers must be prefixed with a 1 for the toll free service to be initiated.Even though 800 toll free numbers were invented over 30 years ago, they became particularly popular in the 80s.800 toll free numbers are now an indispensable part of the marketing plan of any business or entity.Polls and studies have shown that about 90% of the U.S. population uses 800 toll free numbers.Over half of the U.S. population uses 800 toll free numbers on a regular basis.

So let's say that you need to get a hold of an air freight shipper.You want to call all of the different major air freight shippers who are out there.The problem is that you don't know their phone numbers.So how are you going to find out what their phone numbers are?Well, first you can assume that these different air freight shippers have 800 numbers.Any respectable business is going to have a toll free 800 number.Customers expect that the businesses that they deal with will have 800 toll free numbers as a matter of courtesy.It's good for the business and it's good for the customer to have an 800 toll free number. Now, to find the phone numbers for all of the different air freight shipping services, you can, of course, just get online.Then you will have to search the web for quite a bit of time to find all of the different air freight shipping services.Then you are going to have to search their websites in order to find their 800 numbers.This is a serious pain to look up all of these numbers online.Instead of spending all of that time looking up different 800 numbers, save time and thus save money by using an 800 number directory.

800 number directories are fantastic because they list all of the 800 numbers, and 866 numbers and877 numbers and 888 numbers that are out there.Certain 800 number directories also list physical addresses, email addresses, web site addresses, and advertisements for whichever businesses and/or entities or corporations are listed in the 800 number directory.

So where can you get a hold of an 800 toll free directory?Having one is an indispensable reference book in your office, whether you are a manager in a major corporation or you own your own small business.Well, there are a number of different companies out there that sell 800 toll free directories.I think that the best one is the National Toll Free Directory.The National Toll Free Directory is one of the most current and comprehensive 800 toll free number directories in the United States.You can choose to get a print copy of the directory, a CD-ROM copy of the directory, or even an online version of the directory.The online version is get your own copy of the 800 number directory, no matter what form you choose-print, CD, or online-you can either go to or you can simply call 1-888-666-0266.

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