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How to hire the right employees

Hiring the right employees can be an ongoing challenge, for any business owner. Whether you own a small business with a just a few employees, or employ a much larger staff, hiring and keeping the right employees, is crucial to the long term success of your business. Successful business owners understand that the people, who work for them, are their most valuable resource, so they take the process of hiring very seriously. However, the good news is that there are guidelines that can help you make the right selection. If you careful follow this process you hire the right person, for the right job, and improve your business overall. Here is what you need to know about how to hire the right employees-

- Take a close look at your true staffing needs-Many times business owners (especially those with smaller businesses) think the only solution to their stress, is to hire another employee. However, many times there are ways to reduce the stress, realign the workload and avoid having to hire another someone. You should also consider whether hiring someone part time, outsourcing the work or hiring a temporary employee, will help you get through this period of time.
- Understand that the business dynamics change with every employee you hire-The dynamics of your company will change with every employee that you bring in. This is especially true when you have hired that first employee. You must be ready to delegate the workload, and be prepared to be the "boss". This can be a hard transition, for some business owners, who view their company as their baby. You must understand that you will be giving up some control, but keep in mind that you are taking on additional help.
- Have a clear job description and an idea of what you want to pay-The best way to attract the top candidates, is to have a clear job description. You must be able to show your job applicants exactly what you will need, from them. You need to take the time to write out a job description, ahead of the hiring process. If you fail to do this you will most likely lose the top candidates, for the job to someone else. You should also do adequate research as to what typical jobs are paying in your area. Again, if you offer fair compensation to your job candidates, you are far more likely to get a qualified candidate. While you can always hire someone for less money, you will most likely not get the top candidates, or that employee will leave as soon as they find another job, leaving you to start the hiring process all over again.
- Start the hiring process-Once you have done the proper amount of planning and research, you will then be ready to start the hiring process. Generally, the first thing that will happen after posting the job is that you will receive a lot of resumes. You will need to sort through the resumes to find the ones that you will consider. Once you have narrowed down the resumes, you will begin the interviewing process. Some employers choose to use a three pronged approach to interviewing. This entails a phone interview (to screen potential employees), a sit down interview and a follow up interview. After this process you should be able to find the right candidate, for the job. You can then make either a verbal or written offer. Just remember, that you should spell out any details that are applicable to the job. Finally, when you have hired the person, remember the next step is a comprehensive training program, to introduce them to all aspects of your business.

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