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How to keep employees in line without being obnoxious

A manager wears many hats. Not only is he or she responsible for the business affairs of the office, but it is also the responsibility of the manager to make sure the office runs in a smooth and efficient manner.

This may, at times, make the manager more like a babysitter or referee. Employees can get out of line at times, whether it's by being tardy, spending too much time socializing instead of working, missing deadlines, or causing other problems within the office.

However, it is important that a manager take a professional approach when it comes to keeping employees in line. A manager can easily come across as obnoxious if issues are not handled professionally and in a certain way.

The following are some ways you can keep employees in line without being obnoxious:

Don't single anyone out or embarrass anyone.
One thing you will want to avoid doing is embarrassing anyone or singling them out in front of others. This will only work to pit your employees against you and develop an atmosphere of mistrust and disrespect. No one likes to be called out and reprimanded in front of everyone.

A better way to handle a situation with an individual is to call the person into your office, and approach them with the problem at hand. At the same time, let them know that while this specific behavior is unacceptable, they still have strengths they are providing to the company.

Keep your cool.
At times of stress or when something particularly important needs to go out, it can be easy to lose your temper or get stressed out. This is especially true when employees are out of line or not pulling their weight. However, it's important to always keep your cool no matter how stressful the situation you are dealing with is. If necessary, go in your office and calm down before dealing with employees. Losing your temper will only make you come across as obnoxious.

Have consequences.
Employees are more apt to stay in line if they know there are consequences. You can keep employees in line without being obnoxious by letting them know there are consequences to their actions and then following through with them, whether it be written or verbal warnings or more serious consequences that need to be determined on a case by case basis. No one wants to lose their job.

Following through is important, as it will be difficult to keep your employees in line if you are seen as someone that's all talk.

Set by example.
A good way to keep your employees in line without being obnoxious is to set a good example for them. It will be difficult to enforce policies and office behaviors if you yourself as manager are not adhering to the same standards. Neglecting to do so will only make you come across as hypocritical or inept.

In addition, if you are respected by your employees by showing them respect and being professional at all times, they are more likely to want to please you and do a good job in the office.

In order for an office to run smoothly, a manager must keep his or her employees in line. However, no manager wants to come across as obnoxious. These tips will help you to keep your employees in line without being obnoxious.

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