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How to keep queue times short for customer service

One main complaint customers seem to have time and time again is that most stores they shop in have long lines they have to wait in. Checkout lines and customer service lines alike can be long and frustrating to stand in. Whether it is the busy shopping season or not, there are some things you can do to keep your customers happy. Here are some tips on how to keep queue times short for customer service.

Better technology
One way to speed up queue times is to have more updated technology. Some businesses continue to use older equipment that may take longer to ring a purchase up or return an item in a customer service line. This problem can easily be solved by upgrading to faster digital equipment and programs. With just using faster technology, it can cut wait times down substantially. This alone can get customers in and out in a faster manner.

Hire more staff
Hiring more staff to take care of customers is a great way to shorten queue times. It is very important to have extra staff, especially during the busy shopping months. Having more staff on the clock at the busier times of the day will enable more checkout lines and customer service can be taken care of more efficiently.

Separate lines
Having separate lines for such things as buying merchandise and returning or exchanging merchandise is very important. It speeds things along when there are specific lines for specific things. This way you can also see the need that the store may have. If the checkout lines are much longer than the customer service exchange line then consider opening more lines for purchasing items. This also ensures that those returning or exchanging items can do so quickly and be on there way.

Information desk
Having an information desk is helpful because frequently customers are looking for a certain department or have questions regarding sales and prices. An information desk can answers such questions quickly without the customer having to wait in the other lines. Customers won't have to interrupt other employees that are ringing up sales or returning items this way.

Online services
If your business permits, an online service should be available. Online services allow customers to shop and look at items they would like to purchase. They can easily purchase online and pick up from your store in a matter of minutes, or they can look for what they want and when they get to the store then they can quickly get the item and purchase it. They get other questions answered such as: store hours, return policies, other store locations and other important information.

Help phone lines

Help phone lines can also be a great way to answer any questions that customers may have. Customer service phone lines can give out important information over the phone so customers won't need to make a trip into your place of business if not needed.

Having these things available to your customers will ensure that queue times are shorter and that you have optimal customer service. Customers are also more likely to shop at your place of business if your lines are always shorter. If you want the best customer service around, then follow these steps on how to keep queue times short for customer service. Your customers will thank you!

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