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How to keep your team working hard for long term goals while striving for immediate results


Think of your company of staff of employees as your team fighting to win the championship, or, find success in the market. Like any sports team, there are games to be won often to get to that coveted championship trophy. Your business has hurdles that it needs to jump every day, every week, month, year, and beyond to get into a position that you had set as a goal many years before. Always having that super objective in mind is a great motivator to accomplish great things in the here and now. If you have the will, and your company works hard with those goals in mind, then you and your team will find a way to get there. There will be shortcomings that will need to be worked out, the market may rise and fall, but your company should never stay satisfied with average results. While all of this sounds true and exciting, how do you keep your team working hard for long term goals while striving for immediate results?

To start off, your team members need to know their place in the puzzle
. These responsibilities need to fit the talents of your employees so that they can work in the most efficient way possible. A basketball coach would never put the shortest man on the team down close to the basket, no matter how good the player was because the nature of that position just wouldn’t facilitate the abilities of that player the best way. Before you hire your staff, take a look at the basic needs of your company. Look for these things in the people you interview. Thinking this way while hiring is thinking long term. If you have hired the right people, you will see immediate results as they begin to fit into their roles in your company.

Starting projects to improve company procedures is another way to change the company for the better. Helping a company function more efficiently will strip away hours of wasted time, save money, and hone the skills of your employees.

Investing into other areas of the marketplace that applies to your business can produce immediate results as well. The benefit doing this is that it expands your company into more areas and increases opportunity to make money. For example, Wal Mart has expanded itself into a store that offers just about anything you can think of that has to do with daily living. This expansion immediately made their net worth increase, but long term has guaranteed them as a successful company. The future will take care of itself if the present is filled with smart business moves. While the future is never completely certain, you can rest assured that careful planning and fearless business tactics will thin the haze that separates you with your future.

Let us say that you own a chain of shoe stores. Your very hip young daughter informs you that a certain kind of sandal is going to be really big this next summer and that she can’t wait until they start selling them. Now, if you are a keen business person, this would be a piece of information worth investing into. The smart decision would be to back order these sandals so that they are in stock when the market booms for them. If possible, thinking ahead can thrust your company into a very lucrative position.

To keep your team working hard for long term goals while striving for immediate results takes planning and a leader with a leader willing to develop a keen business mind.

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