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How to let go of other managers


One of the most difficult things that you will do as a manager is fire employees.Even more difficult than firing an employee is firing another manager.This is not going to pleasant, no matter how well you do it and you will likely end up in court if the person is litigious.Here are some steps for letting go of other managers with as little mess as possible.




Step 1:Consider the decision carefully.If you are reading this, you probably have already come to your conclusion about firing the manager.If you haven't, carefully review the case.Look at the paperwork that supports your action and consider any potential ramifications as well as alternate solutions.

Step 2:Be discrete.One thing that you don't want is for word of the firing to leak out before the person actually is fired.You will probably have a termination meeting with other managers, the owner or CEO, or maybe witnesses, these people will need to know about the decision prior to the termination.These people should know not to discuss the matter with anyone but it doesn't hurt to remind them.Schedule the termination as quickly as possible.The faster it gets done, the less time the rumors have to circulate.

Step 3:Be prepared.You should arrive at the termination meeting with the documents that you need such as a forfeiture document if there is a severance package offered.You should also have the final paycheck ready and any other items that your company offers at the time of terminations.

Step 4:Do it quick.The termination meeting is not a forum to discuss the decision.The decision has already been made.The reason for the meeting is to let the person know that they are being let go, to explain why the decision was made, and to describe any severance package that might be available.If the person wants to talk or argue, you should be understanding but firm.Do not entertain arguments but do answer questions.Termination is quite emotional and you should expect anything from tears to hostility from the person being terminated.Your job is to remain calm and not escalate the emotion of the situation.

Step 5:The aftermath.The person may want to clear out his or her office at that time or they may ask to have their belongings mailed to them.If they request having their belonging mailed, you should take two witnesses with you when you clean out the office.This is no time to get involved in a lawsuit about missing personal effects.

If the person wants to stay on property and clean out their office, be respectful of their feelings.They might want to go and say goodbye to other managers or employees, this is not going to hurt.As long as the person is calm and not threatening, do not hassle them about leaving the property or talking to co-workers.

Once the person has left the property, you should inform the other managers as well as the fired manager's employees.State that the person has been let go but do not state the reason for the termination.Prepare for some negative responses if the manager was well liked by employees.

Tips and warning:there are times when firings go awry.If the person becomes verbally abusive, ask them to leave immediately.If it escalates from there, call your security team or call the police.If the person leaves angry, be on alert.It is not unheard of for a disgruntled employee to return to the property for a physical confrontation after a termination.

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