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How to link achievement to the prospect of future success to help motivate your team


Sometimes as a manager it is hard to get your team motivated to do their job correctly.When people have been doing their job everyday for a long time they tend to slack off and not perform as well as they should.This type of behavior can hurt your job and the company.The answer to this is to keep you employees happy and motivated.This is not an impossible task, it can be done.You can help motivate your team several ways.Let's talk about how you can link achievement to the prospect of future success to help motivate your team.

When your employees have shown you that they can perform their daily duties and they have made you proud you need to tell them.Often times recognition of success is what motivates people to work harder in the future. One obvious way of future success in a company would be moving up into a high position, like a management position.Ensure all of your employees that any open management position is open to anyone who applies, and that each time they are successful, they gain more opportunity for consideration.You should also tell them that the one who has shown the best job performance will have the best chance of receiving the job.Make sure that you are open to talk to any employee who has questions on what they can do better.This will help you employees get motivated to do the best they can, because they will know there is a management position waiting for them.

Perhaps there are no positions available and no promise of a move up for anyone at this time.You can encourage your employees by holding and employee of the month nomination and an employee of the month vote.Tell your employees that you will be watching them and their job performance, and that you and the other managers will nominate the employee with a peak performance.Next you will let your employee’s vote for which nominated employee they think deserves employee of the month.This will encourage your employees to up their work performance, because the thought of being the best employee for the month is something any employee would want to shoot for.

Use examples of achieved success.
If you know someone who has gone for the bottom of the corporate ladder to the top, use their success story to motivate your employees.When you have people that work for you who are convinced that they will never achieve anything in their life it can be hard to change their mind and get them to think differently and shoot for more in life.Sometimes all it takes is a true story example to get someone motivated to do better.Explain to your employees that they might not have a successful outcome at first but that they need to start trying, and keep trying.

These were just a few examples to help your employees get motivated by showing them the prospect for future success.You can talk to other managers that you know and ask them how they motivate their employees, another person’s insight might help.Remember to always be there for your employees, they are more likely to be motivated for work when they like the people that they work with.

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