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How to make sure your employees show up when scheduled to work on holidays

Working on holidays is never anyone's favorite thing to do.But sometimes it is a necessity and you need your employees to show up.But it seems that there are many sicknesses on holidays, at least a lot of calls in sick.

It can be a challenge to get employees to work on holidays, there are so many other things going on.But there are a few things that you can do that will encourage work attendance on holidays.

  • If there is any way possible, be closed on as many major holidays as you can.If you give paid holidays on the really big holidays then working the smaller ones isn't such a daunting task.You don't have to close on every holiday, but employees do appreciate time with family when they can get it.
  • Always take volunteers first.There are some people who won't have plans for whatever reason, so they won't be put out by working.You will have a lot less grumbling if they came in voluntarily.This will help business because the employees will have better attitudes.
  • Consider paying more on holidays.Whether it is time and a half or double time, paying extra shows your appreciation for your employees missing out on the celebrations.This also gives people a reason to volunteer, maybe they could use the extra money and are willing to miss the fun to get the extra money.
  • Try to make it fair for all employees.You might rotate who has to work holidays.So if Jan worked on Memorial Day, then she can have Labor Day off.This will show that you are not working them to torture them, which some of them may think.Also plan the busiest holidays long in advance.So when it comes down to Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years you have it all worked out.
  • Make the day at work fun when it is a holiday.If you are open Christmas Eve then have a lunch to say thank you to your employees or give them each a small gift.Decorate your store or office and make it festive.This helps customers catch a holiday spirit too.
  • If you have problems with employees on holidays a lot, create a policy.In the policy state that if you are scheduled for a holiday you have to work it or have it covered.It may also state that if you don't obey the policy that the consequences are more severe then they are otherwise.Let them know that you are serious about schedules and that they are to be followed.
  • Be there yourself, if you don't have to be there suffering on holidays then your employees are going to feel cheated.That is just part of having a business, always being there, even when there are other fun things you want to be doing.And when you are there you should have on a smile and be excited, even if you are just faking it.
  • Make the shifts shorter on holidays.This could be closing early, or just having more people working half shifts.This gives them the chance to still do some of the things they wanted before or after work.Closing early on holidays is usually not a bad business move, many people are occupied with their celebrations anyway, so business can be very slow, so if you are paying employees to be there and not bringing in any revenue then you are actually going backwards.
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