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How to make work time more productive

If you would like to be more productive at work, avoid engaging in office politics. Making work time more productive is quite easy when you focus on your work instead of focusing your energy on the office drama. There is far too much energy, as well as time wasted on office negativity. Becoming more productive at work is the easy part, the hard part is not being involved in office politics. Here are some tips to help you avoid office politics which will result in higher productivity levels.
1. Make it a point to observe the rules and regulations of the company. Perform your work with dedicated interest and loyalty, it will show.
2. Avoid bragging about your achievements. You will be setting yourself up for failure by continually bragging to co-workers. Let your hard work speak for itself. Your hard work will be noticed and appreciated.
3. Learn to work with people that you do not like. Get along with people who appear to not like you as well. You do not need to be the most popular or liked person at work to perform your job duties effectively.

4. Try not to engage in negative activities such as holding grudges or being vindictive. Focus more on the positive then the negatives. When you are angry about something, take the corrective measures to fix it. It is best not to bottle up feelings of anger because the more the chances are that you will have an emotional explosion. Once the problem has been issued and rectified, let it be history and move on.
5. Admit it, if you make an error or mistake. Never blame someone else for your errors. Blaming others for your mistakes is a cardinal sin on the job.
6. Turn your weaknesses into strengths by using your errors and mistakes as learning tools and job improvement.
7. Try not to bring your personal problems with you to work. If you are having problems outside of work, don't expect to bring them solved on the job.
8. Avoid emotional outbursts on the job. Never get into a verbal confrontation with a co-worker, instead try to find a diplomatic and professional way to resolve the problems.
9. Treat your customers and co-workers with respect and kindness. Do not complain to customers or fellow employee's about the company. Complaining to others will not get the situation resolved. Speak to your manager or supervisor about any issues or problems that you feel need to be recognized and resolved.
10. Build a reputation as a person who is trustworthy, reliable, honest and fair. Show respect to everyone, even people you may not like. When you show respect and fairness to everyone, you will be respected by most people, even if they don't like you.
11. Help your fellow employee's when needed. Share your experiences, insights and expertise with others. You will gain more confidence and also be helping someone to succeed as well.
12. Help build a strong team. Be sure to be a team player by setting a good example for other employee's to follow and one that will be noticed by bosses and supervisors.
13. Continually better your communication skills. When you possess good communication skills, you possess the ability to understand and be understood by everyone.
14. Take your regularly scheduled breaks while working and while at home be sure to get plenty of rest. When you lack rest and relaxation, you are less tolerant and you may not be pleasant to work with or even be around.

You will be far more productive and more satisfied, if you avoid office politics and direct your energy and attention to your work. .

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