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How to manage analyst relations

Those who manage analyst relations are responsible for portraying a certain product or service to analysts.They try to promote these products and services in the best possible light.The idea is to influence the analysts to put in a good word for your business and its products.

Analyst relations are a business positions for the socialites.You need people in analyst relations who are well liked and easy to get along with.Similar to Public Relations people, your analyst relations employees are the ones you always see. They are in charge of making the company look good and be better.

Below are some of the different responsibilities that need to be managed by analyst relations (AR):

Provide Exposure - The analyst relations (AR) team is responsible for a lot of the interaction with the media.However this interaction is less visible than Public Relation's (PR) face is.The analyst relations people are the ones that prepare quotes for consumer journals and reviews.AR also provides information to be printed in newspapers and other advertisements.In a sense it is the AR team that creates a positive media buzz and the PR team that takes care of managing any unexpected or unfavorable media involvement.

The Analyst Relations team is responsible for getting the product to the right people.They are not just advertising to anyone.They want to make sure that people of influence have tried and enjoyed what their company has to offer.As a result, the product receives an exponentially bigger boost of positive reviews.The AR team makes sure that the critical product analysts have an instant favorable opinion of their product.

Influence Sales - Obviously the whole point of making sure that you get your product to the right people at the right times is so that you can have an edge in the market.Today's market is more competitive than ever before.It is getting harder and harder to come up with a product that has something truly unique to offer.This is where an analyst relation rep.'s job is so important.They take the slightly ordinary and make it extraordinary.

Customers are more likely to make a purchase if they have heard good things about the product.It is AR's job to work to actively create opportunities for those customers to hear the positive feedback they need to go out and buy the product.

Customers are the ultimate goal when using AR to influence sales, but you first must convince the analysts themselves to give your product the best review possible.AR must show and tell the analysts why it is worth it to spread the positive word about your company.The AR's in a company are always on the move.They are actively looking to positively influence as many people, business, public outlets, etc. as possible.In a way AR is like the undercover version of your marketing and advertising departments.

Appreciate Feedback - Although it is PR's responsibility to handle most feedback (whether good or bad), the analyst relations team is constantly keeping their ears open and adapting strategies.When the AR is able to appreciate the feedback heard from their critics they can do a number of things:

  1. AR can help the company to use analyst feedback to fine tune its PR tactics.
  2. When AR stays aware of the analyst's mind set, they are often times sensitive to what patterns may be in store for the future.AR is very intuitive and good a reading people.This is a helpful way to stay a step ahead of your competition.
  3. AR can better answer customer questions about the company when they have been prepared in advance according to what the analysts that they spoke with told them.The Analyst Relations team will hopefully find out before the consumer is there is something that they will be unsatisfied with.Knowing ahead, prepares them (or PR) to tackle the really hard questions.

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