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How to Pacify a Troubled Client

If you are running your own business then you will most likely come across troubled clients from time to time. Most clients will come in or call to talk to someone about their problem and are hoping to get their problem settled fast. The troubled client will only get more mad if they keep getting passed on to someone else. You want to keep the client happy but you are still running a business and have to have limits on what you can and can't do for your troubled client. Here is some helpful advice on how to pacify a troubled client.

  • Stay calm and be polite. Really listen and make sure you understand the problem. Even if the client may be getting aggressive it is in your best interest to stay calm. Soothe the client by interjecting words like I understand, yes or I see, this will help the client feel that you are listening and that you care.
  • Take notes if you need to about what the complaint is about. This shows the client that you are dedicated to getting the problem solved. Read back your notes to the client so that they can verify that you have their complaint right.
  • When the client is finished telling you their problem and you have verified that you have taken the right notes you will need to explain to your client what happens next. This would include how your company deals with complaints, who deals with the clients' type of complaint and how long the client may have to wait for some answers.
  • You will need to take responsibility for the complaint. If you are not the person who deals with the type of complaint at hand then you will need to follow up with the person who is. Make sure the issue has been resolved. If it has not then see what needs to be done to get it resolved.
  • If the problem has not been resolved call the client with the complaint and let them know exactly what you are doing to resolve their complaint. This shows the client that you have not forgot about them and that you will take care of them.

Every effort should be made to pacify a troubled client. The better you or your company is at helping these clients the more repeat business or referrals you will get from them. Being calm and listening is always the best way to handle these troubled clients.

Almost all companies have a help desk or service desk for troubled clients to report their problems to. There is also software available to help you organize the steps in pacifying a troubled client. If you have a small business you shouldn't need this type of software but it could be a good idea if you are helping to manage a bigger business. This software will guide you through the steps for complaint management. If the problem is not solved in a given time then the problem is passed up to the next level. This helps you to also keep track of the complaints so you can make your business better.

You should not look at pacifying a troubled client as a negative part of your business. It is an opportunity to go above what your client has expected and to maybe make your business a little better. If you keep having the same complaints on a certain product then you know to look into that product or stop buying it.

You should implement ways to deal with your troubled clients the minute you open a business. Chances are you will have troubled clients. Make sure other employees know what to do when they come across a troubled client and how they need to help them. The better they are trained the more positive of an experience everyone will have whey trying to pacify a troubled client.

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