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How to prepare for long power outages

For businesses, preparing for long power outages is very important. You may not think you are likely to have a long power outage. As a result you probably have not thought much about preparing incase you did have one. Being unprepared is dangerous. If there were to be a long power outage unexpectedly you could lose a lot of information and a lot of business. It is important to prepare for a long power outage, even if you do not see one in your near future.

Equipment you could buy in preparation for a long power outage:

  • When preparing for a long power outage you could consider buying a back up generator. Back up generators work very well for long power outages. They do not affect your current power at all; they just sit and wait until your current power goes out. If your current power went out, this generator would kick into action and start up on its own with the only effect on your business being a small flicker of lights. While other businesses around you would be struggling to get power and retrieve lost information, your business would be up and running with out the least degree of damage.
  • Something you could consider buying for a power outage instead of a back up generator is an uninterrupted power supply device (UPS device). This device is much smaller and much less expensive than a back up generator. However, it does not allow you to keep your businesses up and running. If there were to be a power outage, this machine would only be able to keep your machines running long enough for you to save your work and turn them off. They will stay on for about five minutes total. If you know that the power outage is going to be for days and you cannot afford to be out of business for that long, a back up generator would still be a better option.
  • Something else that would be important to do when preparing for long power outages is to create back up files of everything that you do. Have your employees save the work that they do so that just in case there was a power outage and you lost everything, you would still have it stored on disks and flash drives. If you were to keep back up files of all the work you do, you would need to be sure to update them often as well as test them often. It would be great if you save everything but if a disaster came and you could not retrieve the back up information, you would still be just as stuck. You need to test them often to make sure that they work and then store them somewhere safe.
  • Another thing that is a great idea, although it would be hard to switch to if you have already bought all your equipment, is to buy equipment that has its own battery powered back up system. This means that if the power were to go out, your equipment would stay running on its own because of the batteries inside of them. Of course, batteries do not last forever so its not like you could keep your business running for weeks off of the back up batteries. Like the UPS device, you could probably keep them running long enough to save all your information and shut everything down.

Having back up equipment like these examples is very important for businesses when it comes to power outages. Power outages could last for a long time and it would be very hard on your business if you lost all your information and had to build back up.

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