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How to see projects through in a way that ensures they are not left undone?

How to see projects through in a way that ensures they are not left undone? So often a project will come up that needs to be completed. With everything going on, how will you manage to get the project done in a professional manner, and have it completed on time? Prioritize and organize. This is the key to making sure you never have a project that gets left undone.

In order to see a project through, it will be necessary to prioritize the areas of that project, and other projects you are currently working on. This is hard sometimes because habit is that you want to finish what you received first. Though, that thing you are working on may not need to be completed until a later time. So you will be able to make that project a future priority instead of the more urgent priority.

This may sound a little confusing, but here is a basic example of how this would work.

- 10-15-07 Received documents that need to be proofread for a release on 10-25-07
- 10-16-07 Received a project for data gathering for a decision that needs to be made on 10-20-07
- You can do the data gathering first, as it will need to be completed sooner, even if you are in the middle of the proofreading. This is in the case that both of these projects will take several days time.
- Then you can finish the proofreading by the 25th with time left over possibly.

By prioritizing you will create yourself a list of things to do. However that list will be created in a way that allows for flexibility to make sure that all projects are completed on time.

Also this process works with sections of a project. Say that a project has five steps. However step one may not be able to be finished for several days, because you are waiting on someone else's work. With this in mind, if possible, you will need to do all the parts that you can and prioritize the parts that you have control over, so that when the parts you are not in control over are finished, you will be finished in a more timely manner.

These steps are where the main idea of organization comes in. All to often we do not completely control the projects we are working. You may have the base control, however there are others who will need to add in their work or information in order for the project to be complete. In this case, you will need to use your awesome organization skills.

Ok, so you say what awesome organization skills? That is ok, we all learn to be organized some how. Start with the things you know. This will get you the base of your organization plan. Then plan in the areas that you are less sure of.

For example:

The project is the company picnic. Now you need to organize this picnic for 50 people. You are in charge of making sure it all works. Hmmm, ok, here goes.

You are in control of some things.

You know there are 50 people.
It will be necessary to announce the picnic to the company. This should be done in voice, email, and also flyers to make sure everyone is aware of the picnic.
You know that the company picnic is held normally at the park just down the street from the business location. So you will need reservations.
You know that the owner likes a variety
There are usually games, prizes and a great deal of food.
Make the plans for the food, games and prizes.

So you have control over several areas that you can do as you please. Well after you get the funding right. Then that is where you come into things that you are not in control over.

Start out by making sure the funding process has started.
Then when you have an estimated time of arrival of the funding, you will want to start reservations.
Reserve the park on the right date needed.
Find out if there will be employees working, if they will be allowed time off, or if food will be taken to the employees who are working.

See there are some things that you can do without other people. However for the areas that you will need other peoples help, it is important to make those things a priority and then do what you can around that.

This is the best way to see a project through in a way that ensures that no part of the project is left undone. Between prioritization and organization, you will find that the overall success of the project is more likely.

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