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How to set policies for office relationships, coming to work sick, etc.

Setting up policies for your business is probably one of the most important things you can do to help it run smoothly. Employees need to know what to do in any situation and how the company stands regarding it. Clear policies will help your business recognize and avoid potential risks to your employees and ensure that you abide with the law. They will also help to create an environment where issues are dealt with fairly and consistently.

You are probably wondering where to start and what to do when setting policies for your business. Here is how to set policies for office relationships, coming to work sick and other important matters.

Plan ahead
It is important to have all policies and procedures in order before you hire your employees. You will easily be able to solve any problems just by referring to the business handbook. This is a much easier way to handle things then waiting until the last minute to try and fix it.

Determine what policies you will need
There are a number of policies that you need to incorporate into your company depending on what type of business you run. The policies you implement will also depend on the size and structure of your business. Different policies will be more important to some businesses than others.Decide what policies will work best for you and your employees. Here's as list of different policies that you may need:

  • Office relationships

  • coming to work late or sick

  • maternity leave

  • health and safety

  • disciplinary conduct

  • dealing with harassment

  • working overtime

  • leave of absence

  • vacation pay and benefits

  • training

  • use of drugs and alcohol

  • use of company equipment

  • personal phone calls and emails.

Get input from professionals
It is important when you are writing your policies to seek advice from your professional advisor or other professionals you counsel with. This way you can make sure you cover all aspects of the business that you need to include in your policies.

Inform and discuss

Make sure to inform your employees of all policies that they will be required to follow. Have frequent meetings throughout the year to discuss the policies and procedures. It is important to revise any policies that need changed as you discover any flaws or problems with some of them. Keep all policies up to date to ensure that you and your employees are all on the same level when it comes to handling certain situations at work.

Be careful that your policies do not unlawfully discriminate against employees. Make sure that you follow the statutory Code of Practice on racial equality in employment. Make sure policies are fair to all employees. The last thing you want on your hands is a lawsuit.

Policymaking can be very positive for your company. Setting policies is the key to healthy employer-employee relationships. It reduces the need for disciplinary and legal action. It's also been known to increase productivity and morale and it even helps employee retention. Not only will it ensure that the business runs smoothly, but it also makes the business image look good externally to clients and your community. It can boost your reputation and also attract new staff to your business.

As you are considering setting up your own policies, take a look at how to set policies for such things as office relationships and coming to work sick, along with any other matters that you need to address. You will find that by doing this, your business will flourish and you and your employees will always know what to expect.

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