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How to set up your organization for best communication


Communication in the 21ist century is instantaneous and available in many different ways. Good communication within an organization is the only way to efficiently accomplish any task. Here are some ideas on how to use communication within your organization.

  1. Use fax machines to send documents to each other. This is fast way of delivering documents without having to write up an email, use a scanner to make a file to email, or anything like that which requires extra work. Being able to instantly send crucial documents to people within an organization is a must for efficiency.
  2. Use email regularly. Let everyone know how things are moving. Let individuals know what they need to do, how they need to do it, and do it often. Check up on people with a kind email and the results of doing so will be seen in the way that tasks are carried out.
  3. Have a website dedicated to the people within the organization. Use it to quickly spread word to everyone within and to publicize the progress the organization is making. This is also a good way to get the community involved with whatever undertaking or business opportunity there is with the organization.
  4. Use cell phones constantly. Call the people that help run the organization. Sometimes a mis-worded email can be read and reread to mean several different things. If the responsibility that is being discussed is extremely important, then take it seriously and call them personally and explain it so that it will happen exactly how it is supposed to.
  5. Text message with phones, computers, and PDA phones. This is a great way to send little reminders out without having to make a long phone call, type out an email. These are usually quick and grammar is ignored completely. The point of a text message is to quickly send a thought to someone as quickly as possible. With new typing software, text messages can be done at lightning speed and sent out to as many people as you have numbers for. Think of a text message as a miniature email.
  6. Organized meeting is also a great way to communicate with the organization. Meeting with people who are running different pieces of it will make life easier in steering the direction of the organization. From these meetings, have them split off and run their sub committees according to what was decided. While they are doing this, use the modes of communication listed above as the leader and have them communicate with their groups in this way. The more ideas and progress can be communicated, the better work can be done to move in the right direction.

Keeping an organization on the right track is a great undertaking. It takes leadership skills, patience, and a keen sense of direction to communicate each individual part what they need to do to accomplish whatever it is that is the super objective. Communication is the key to success because it is the only way one person can express an idea in a way that another can grab hold and make it a reality. In the mind of one person it may all seem so incredibly obvious that communicating often isn't necessary, but in reality people all don't think the same way.

In fact, people think in so many different ways that one idea can turn into a million different ideas. Realizing that people are different and accomplish things in many different ways will help make it a priority to sit down and communicate what actually needs to happen so that work is not wasted on bad ideas. Communication within an organization will ensure the success of it.

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