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How to sign up for an 800 number service

The topic of this article is how to sign up for an 800 number service.First of all, let's talk about what an 800 number is.800 numbers, along with 866 numbers, 877 numbers, and 888 numbers are what is known as toll free numbers.Toll free numbers are ones in which who ever receives the call pays the bill, even if it's long distance (which it generally is).All toll free numbers must begin with a 1 in order to make the toll free part work.

800 toll free numbers were developed over thirty years ago.However, 800 toll free numbers didn't become really really popular until the 80s, when all sorts of companies began to use them to help the general public across the entire country access services and information.Recent studies and polls show that over 90% of the United States population uses 800 toll free numbers, and that over fifty percent of the United States population uses 800 toll free numbers on a regular basis.This means what for the business owner or manager?This means a lot of publicity and an incredibly effective way to reach, attract, and keep a customer base.

Other studies that examine different marketing strategies have shown that 800 toll free numbers are a great way for owners of larger corporations or small businesses to increase their revenues.Toll free 800 numbers are also a fantastic way for you to build a loyal customer base.Toll free 800 numbers are an incredible favor to your potential customers.They appreciate having a toll free 800 number that they can use to call you.And in this era of fees for every single small thing that you do (for example, the absolutely random service fees that banks and credit card companies like to attach to any possible transaction that you make, even adding fees if you don't make a transaction), the courtesy of paying the charge for calling your company is seen a gesture of understanding and an eagerness to fulfill the needs of your customers.Plus, while toll free 800 numbers might have been innovative and rare just a few decades ago, they are expected now.If you do not have a toll free 800 number, potential customers are going to wonder just what, exactly, is going on with your company.

Alright, alright, enough already.How exactly can you sign up for one of these slam bang toll free 800 numbers?Well, there are a number of different ways that you can sign up for 800 number service.Essentially, you buy a toll free 800 number.There are a dizzying amount of companies that offer 800 number service, so you are going to want to check out a number of them to see which one offers the best rates.You will also want to check with the Better Business Bureau to make sure that you are not going to get cheated or scammed when you sign up for 800 number service (you should always check the Better Business Bureau before you do significant dealings with any corporation).

The way that 800 numbers work is that you sign up for and choose the 800 number that you want.This way you can customize your 800 number so that it is easier for people to remember it.You will have a monthly service charge, probably a one-time connection charge, and then a per-minute charge (this is the part where you can really comparison shop for different rates).You can choose whether you want an 800 number, an 888 number, 877 or 866 number.Your toll free 800 number will probably expire if it is never used for a certain amount of time (some companies say 60 days without a single call, some say more, some say less).You actually own the toll free 800 number once your account is activated.This means that if you decide that you have found a better deal with another telecom provider, then you can switch to that provider and keep your number.

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