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How to start a business during a downturn in the economy

maninfrontofbuilding30337424.jpgYou may be surprised to learn that during a slow economy, is when many businesses get their best start. There are many reasons why this happens. Some of them are:

  • Many workers find out of necessity they must open their own business, either to supplement existing income, or make up for lost income.
  • Unemployed workers, who have been searching for work, often turn to opening their own business.
  • Many prospective business owners find that they can finally afford to open their business when the economy is slower.
  • Overall this can be a good thing, since the creation of small businesses is often what leads a slow economy to begin growing. This means that if you find yourself with a desire to open your own business, you may find that now is the time, despite a recession in the economy. Here is what you need to know about how to start a business during a downturn in the economy-
  • Consider the market you want to enter-Because the economy is slow, the competition in a particular market may be weak. In some markets it is so bad that competitors will be closing their stores and moving on. However, keep in mind that while many people may be moving out of a market, this means that there could be a specialty niche developing, that would be just the right place for your business.
  • Carefully consider what product or service you will be marketing-It is important to understand that just because there may be a niche for your company, that doesn't meant that just nay product or service will work. If you don't have the right product or service, it simply won't matter what niche your business is positioned in. You will still need to do extensive market research. You should find out if your product or service will still be needed when the economy turns around. The bottom line is that if your product or service can do well in a down turn, it has a much better chance of being even more successful, when the economy does improve.
  • Purchase with precision-The reality is that everything you will need to start your business will most likely be cheaper during a recession. However, you should still be careful about how you spend. For example-even though office space will be much cheaper, (because there is more of it), you still not overextend yourself. You want to make each purchase with a precision and make sure that you are only purchasing what your company really needs. Take advantage of the fact that everything from office supplies to hiring staff will probably cost you a lot less, but keep in mind that you still need to make sure that your business begins on the most solid financial footing possible.
  • Don't be afraid to ask-While your physical supplies will be cheaper, the help you may need to get your business up and going, may be cheaper as well. Whether you need help with tech set-up, tax advice or business structuring, many professionals are willing to help you at reduced terms, when the economy is slow. You should not be afraid to ask for help when getting your business off the ground. In addition, don't be afraid to negotiate terms with your suppliers. Many vendors are much more willing to work with clients when the economy is slow. This way they too are assured that they can stay in business. You should also think outside of the box, when it comes to the things you will need for you business. Purchasing at auctions can be a great way to secure what you need, for not a lot of money.
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