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How to use metrics to improve your business

manatcrossroads32184552.jpg The goal of any company is to improve your business and be the best in their specific market. There are several things you can do to improve your business and one of them is to use metrics. Metrics are units that are used to measure certain things like key performance indicators, impact factors, miles per gallon, health metrics, etc. Here are some ways you can use metrics:

  • Marketing

  • Customer service

  • Production

  • Web

Let's look at how metrics can help improve your business through marketing and web site material. Most companies want to establish a strong web presence. It is not easy to have your site listed number one on the search engines. If you want to achieve the top spot on the search engines, you must employ the following:

  • Pay per click campaigns to drive targeted traffic to your web site. Use web metrics to analyze the actions people take on your web site.

  • Listings on other web sites to drive outside targeted traffic to your site.
Web metrics are heavily involved in search engine marketing and search engine optimization. Search engine marketing generally includes pay per click advertising.

When you use pay per click advertising you will need to create keywords to drive traffic to your web site. The keywords should include subjects that are pertinent to your company or product. You can purchase software to track possible keyword phrases to match your company and products. Google also provides a listing of potential keywords that may be pertinent to your company when you enroll in their pay per click campaign.

The time you invest in selecting appropriate keywords will lead to failure or success. You need to select keywords that your clients will use when they are searching for you. If you use wrong keywords, you may be paying a lot of money for the wrong audience to visit your site.

Once you have achieved the success of attracting visitors to your web site, you need to keep them there. This is where your web metrics come into play. The design, navigation, content, ad copy, and usability of your web site will keep people on your site. The web metrics will monitor everything your clients do on the site and evaluate what is working.

Web metrics also allow you to compare your traditional marketing efforts with your online marketing. This is great because you are able to see how customers view your products in two totally different areas. Armed with the results, you can see what keywords were useful in finding your web site, what pages and products were viewed, and what other actions were taken. You can then re-design or restructure your web site to help your business grow.
Web metrics allow a company to measure visitor hits, new visitors, returning visitors, pages viewed, average time spent on the site, conversion ratios, click through ratio, browse to buy ratio, and customer acquisition.

By using web metrics you can monitor the web visitor's behavior and find out how they found your site in the first place. This helps your marketing department because they can see if the visitors are clicking on your web site because of marketing efforts. If you find that your marketing campaigns are failing, you can make needed changes to help and grow your company.

Metrics can test and improve what is not working and what is working. This can help you eliminate the bad and beef up the good. In the end, metrics will help you raise your company's marketing ability and help your company grow into a profitable business.

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