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How to work toward the future, not just in the present

So, we're asking ourselves how to work toward the future, not just in the present. This is a tricky one. It's tricky for several reasons.

One of the key steps to success, after all, is to live in the present. That is, if your mind is too much in the past or the future, you won't get anything done now. So, you've got to find this magical balance. You've got to be working in the present futuristically, as it were. Everything you do in the present has to complement somehow some goal that you have for the future. Everything you do in the present has to set yourself up for a successful future. But in order for this to happen, you have to know exactly what you want that future to be, and live as if it's already present. Confusing, complicated, paradoxical indeed!

But really, it's a lot simpler than you might think. Living in the present, but working toward the future, basically comes down to-you guessed it-setting goals; and then deciding what needs to be done daily to meet such goals. By setting futuristic goals, and deciding what day-by-day steps need to taken to meet such goals, you're simultaneously living in the present and the future. Simple, sure, but how is it be done? Let's look at some steps for doing so.

1. When you set goals, set them with your team. Set them with other people; make it a group effort. Make sure that everybody's onboard. Make sure that everybody's excited for your vision of the future; and the only way to do that is to make them feel as though it is their future, as well. And the way you do that? Call a group meeting. Call an informal team meeting. The idea is: we want to work toward the future, and quit wallowing and churning our oars in the present. Let's set some goals together. What's important for you all? What's important for you to accomplish, say, in the next year? And, if you were to accomplish such a goal, what kind of rewards would you like to see (aside from accomplishing the goal itself) in return?

2. Once you've got your team onboard for setting goals for the future, you must decide how to live in the present so as to ensure said goals will be accomplished. That is, you must decide on the day-by-day, small steps that will allow you to work toward the future. After all, one day the future will be here; and then it will be the present; if you've accomplished your goals on that grand day, it'll be time to set new goals, and to live in the new present in such a way that the new goals can be accomplished. It's a simple chain, a simple, logical progression, but it takes work, patience, diligence, creativity, and even love to advance along it.

So, let's go over briefly again what we've discussed thus far regarding working toward the future rather than stagnating in the present. One, the only possible way of getting out of the dull present is through the setting of ambitious goals. Two, the only way to meet such ambitious goals is to work out a day-by-day course of action that will lead you toward them. Third, such hard, dedicated work is best done by a team-is best done by bringing a group of ambitious, hard-working minds together, making goals together, and making a plan together for reaching them. In that way only you can work toward the future and not just tread water in the present.

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