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Improving quality in all aspects of your business

As a business owner or manager you are constantly looking for ways to improve quality in all aspects of your business. You want your business to expand and grow so that you can increase your profits, you want to improve your employees' moral or performance, or you want to improve your management's leadership skills. But regardless of the exact reason for wanting to improve the overall quality of your business one of the best ways to achieve this goal is to use business management coaching.

Business coaching will look at what your company needs to do in order to expand and improve. A business coach will take a look at your company's vision, mission, objectives, strategies, and plans. Business coaches do not mentor or consult, what they do is sit down with you and your employees while you are brainstorming ideas on how to improve. They are there to help ask the right questions, expand the exploration, and to help you decide what action to take.

It is easy to confuse the jobs of a business coach with that of a business mentor or a business consultant. Business mentors usually have more experience than the person they are working with and they will often share advice. A business consultant offers one time advice and provides your company with a plan on what needs to be done. Business coaching can involve mentoring, but your coach does not have to be an expert in just one area, they just need to have a good working knowledge of the business world.

Business management coaching is just business coaching with an emphasis on your management team. In this area a business coach would take a look at how your management does its job, what their goals and objectives are, their styles of leadership, strengths and weaknesses, etc. Then your business coach will sit down with your group of managers and help them brainstorm ideas on how they can improve their management. The business coach will participate in the discussion and if they feel like a business consultant is needed, due to the problem being project related not process related they may suggest calling in a consultant.

Business coaches will work with your management team to address a variety of issues that you or your managers feel they need to improve on. Some areas covered include:

- Understanding and further developing the range of each members management style
- Developing ways to help move their company through changes, both minor and major
- Looking at their individual areas, such as marketing, product development, IT, etc, and helping them to develop their vision for their department
- Ways to further enhance their teams, encourage teamwork among their employees, and to keep their team working together successfully
- How to create a team, what kind of employee strengths they are looking for, the different roles of team members
- Examine how their leadership roles are actually connected to their individual career goals and how to strengthen the relationship between the two, so they can become better leaders
- Understand the difference between leading and managing, managers more often then not tell employees how to do it, what needs to be done, while leaders will explain how things need to be done and get their employees to follow in their footsteps. A lot of time leading employees rather than managing employees help the company to be more productive and successful.
- Understand how their responsibilities in their leadership roles derive from their personal values and social responsibility.

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