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Improving your bottom line through better business management

There are several business management skills that will help to ensure your company's growth and success but there is one vital business management skill that shouldn't be overlooked and that is creating a positive work environment. When you create a positive work environment for your employees, you are building morale and establishing successful work relationships with your staff, which will lead to employees becoming more efficient and more productive. Having a positive work relationship with your employees is one of the steps taken to create a positive work environment. There are five things to remember and practice in the work environment to have a successful work relationship:

Trust. This is the foundation for any successful relationship. People in trusting relationships seek input from one another. Individuals who trust one another can also openly discuss successes and failure and learn from them.

Diversity. Whether it is differences in age, race, gender, education or experience, some diversity of thought will occur in any work setting. Do not merely tolerate diversity of opinion but encourage it. Diversity enables people to learn from oneanother.

Mindfulness. When people are open to new ideas and are encouraged to express their ideas without fear of ridicule, criticism or punishment. Not only listening to employees ideas, but encouraging them will help in creating a successful work relationship.

Respect. Being considerate, honest and tactful in the work environment is a must. Respect your employees and they will respect you. Having a respectful relationship with employees is especially important in challenging situations that may arise.

Effective Communication. Communicating with employees is not only vital to the success of creating a positive work relationship, but vital to the company's overall progress and growth. No positive effects come from lack of communication, only negative.

Setting an example for employees to follow is crucial to your company's success and growth. Try to have a positive attitude, avoiding negative thoughts and criticisms. Be less judgmental and more accepting and open to new ideas. Regardless of the situation never lash out, avoid name-calling and harsh criticism. Instead educate, guide and help employees to improve. Provide on-going coaching and training when needed. Evaluate employee's performance and develop an effective compensation and recognition system that rewards your staff for their contributions.

Developing friendships with employees should be a natural process. However, it is important to set boundaries so that the friendship does not interfere with work. Encourage employees to be a team. Having a group of individuals who do their work independently is nowhere near as productive for a business as having a highly skilled team working together. Hold regular meeting where everyone gets a chance to participate and share ideas and opinions. Show that you appreciate employees input and opinions even if it is not useful. Let your employees know that they are a valued asset to your company.

Set specific goals for employees. Make sure the goals are attainable and realistic. Goals that are set too high or low become meaningless and eventually become ignored. The goals set must have a starting point, as well as an ending point. Deadlines help employees to focus their effort on completion of the goal on or before the due date. Work with your employees to set goals. Discuss methods to help your employees reach their intended goal, provide training and support if needed. Use constructive suggestions and positive feedback frequently. Continually give opportunities to employees to improve and reach not only their professional goals but their personal goals as well.

A company with positive employees in a positive work environment will produce positive results.

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