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Is a company sports team really a good idea?

There are many different company sports teams that a company can get their employees involved in such as softball, soccer, volleyball, golf, indoor flag football, a bowling league, or ultimate Frisbee to name a few. Company sports teams could be a good way for people in the work place to get to know other co workers. A company sports team might also boost the energy level in the office, which in return will help people to be more enthusiastic about their work. There are a lot of pro's and con's to a company sports teams.

A company sports team might be good for employees, because it gives them a chance to build new friendships, gain a sense of belonging and just be involved in something that is fun outside of work.

A company might lean more towards having a company sports team just for the fact that it will get the company name out in the community.A company sports team will also help to have happier employees that will carry over into their work day. A company sports team might also reduce employee's complaints, and build relationships between employees. A company sports team can also help to form team work. Team work can be a good trait especially if the industry worked in involves a lot of team work such as a marketing team, or a sales team.

John V. Farwell and Marschall Field were the first businessmen to establish a white-collar company sports team (consisting only of men). They believed that company sports teams would keep their employees away from saloons, gamblers, and loose women. They also believed that having a company sports team would help teach their employees to be reliable, be more cooperative, and be self-sacrificing. These men also knew that having a company sports team would get their name out in the public and give their company a good reputation. George Pullman was the first businessmen to establish a blue-collar company sports team. He thought that having a company sports team would make people more attracted to come work for his company over other companies. He also believed that having a company sports team helped influence mental, physical, and moral development in workers. These companies also discovered that they were making more profits due to happier employees.

There are also a lot of reasons why companies shy away from having a company sports team.Such as, what if something happens while at a company sports event, for instance someone trips and breaks and ankle. Or a fight starts and an innocent bystander gets hurt. Or co workers get too competitive and start causing chaos in the work place. There have been a lot of legal issues with situations just like these ones. To decrease the liability on the company's part there are a few things they can do.

1st Do not hold company sporting events, or practices for that matter on company's property, or on company time.

2nd Let employees know that the sports team is optional and they do not have to play.

3rd Let it be known they are playing for fun and are liable for their own actions. Definitely have each participant sign a release form as part of being able to play on the company sports team.

4th Do not allow alcohol at company sport events

5th Let employees know that they are not getting paid to play on the company sports team

All in all a company sports team can be a good or bad thing depending on the attitude and personalities of the company and employees involved. It could turn out to be a great thing for a company with great benefits for both the company and employees alike, or on the other hand company sports teams could lead to hostility at work, negative competition, etc. So whether it is decided to play ball, or decline. It is all in center field whether or not company sports teams are a good idea.

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