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Is annual travel insurance a good idea for frequent travelers?

Insurance is protection for the unexpected.As your risk in any area of life increases, it becomes more and more logical to try to plan ahead.Just as in the case of accident in an automobile, accidents can occur during one's travels.Frequent travelers face a lot of risks and dangers that are less a concern when you are closer to home.Annual travel insurance can give you protection from illness/medical emergencies, severe weather, lost luggage, flight cancellations or delays and identity theft.If you plan on doing a lot of traveling in the future, it is a good idea to have annual travel insurance to protect yourself.

Annual travel insurance is a good idea.Protection from the following is something a traveler will rarely regret having:

  • Illness/medical emergencies - there are cases where your current medical insurance will not cover you if you have traveled outside of a coverage plan area.Medical coverage under your travel insurance can give you the peace of mind that if you are ever in need of medical services while you are away from home, your travel insurance carrier can help you find local doctors and health care facilities.This is especially useful in international travels.You shouldn't have to worry about paying out huge amounts for un-covered medical areas.You want the piece of mind of knowing that you can see a doctor and receive emergency care when you need it most.
  • Severe weather - If you are a frequent traveler you know that weather conditions do not care if you are on that once in a lifetime vacation or that very important business trip.It seems like the weather never cooperates when you need it to most.Although travel insurance can not guarantee sunny travels, it can make the blow of an unexpected cancellation or delay less painful. With travel insurance you automatically have someone on your side looking to help you find and pay for emergency lodging, re-scheduling and finding any possible alternate flights.There's nothing that you can do to prevent bad weather, but with travel insurance you can be on your way faster and with fewer frustrations.
  • Lost luggage - Loosing your luggage is costly, frustrating and emotionally difficult.Your personal belongings are important to you.Although insurance cannot restore personal belongings the insurance can help you pay for replacement items.This at least makes a trying situation more manageable.
  • Flight/trip cancellations or delays - You are aware of the kinds of delays and cancellations that are a result of poor weather conditions, but travel insurance covers other kinds of cancellations as well.In many cases airlines will not refund your money if you need to cancel a flight.Protect your investment in the case of unexpected cancellations by having travel insurance.
  • Identity theft - Identity theft is a relatively new epidemic that insurance companies are working to provide adequate coverage for.Identity theft is an even greater problem for travelers.Passports, clearly labeled bags, loose hold on wallets, and absentmindedness that happens during the hustle and bustle of traveling provides many opportunities to be taken advantage of.Insurance companies vary in the types of services that they offer with their identity theft coverage.Some reimburse you for your losses.Others investigate into the incident further and attempt to recover your lost identification.Others know what authorities to contact, what credit companies to call and what needs to be done to stop the spending of your money as soon as possible.Whatever their methods, it is nice to have your insurance company fighting hard on your side to try to recover your valuables.

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