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Job Seekers Beware: Statistics Show that New Year's Resolutions are Doomed for Failure

A survey conducted by Gail Kasper, LLC, a leading speaking and coaching company, found that American's aren't taking their futures very seriously.Specifically, 51% of those surveyed do not have New Year's resolutions.Of those who do, 79% don't have a plan to achieve them.According to the Department of Labor, over 400,000 unemployed individuals are NOT actively seeking employment because they do not feel that there are jobs available for them.With unemployment at a all high, job seekers, must stay the course, have a game plan, and maximize holiday opportunities or they will find themselves amongst the 91% of American's who won't be achieving their goals in the New Year.

The survey which was complete by a random group of 104 adults over 18 years of age, also asked respondents to identify the biggest issue that prevents them from achieving their New Years Resolutions or goals.The top 3 reasons identified were as follows:

Procrastinating 33% Lack of discipline 24% No game plan 19%

Interestingly enough, 10% of individuals felt the biggest issue that prevents them from achieving their New Year's Resolutions or goals was doing it alone.

Supporting these results, participants were also asked if they felt they needed to improve their lives in specific areas such as personal confidence, family relationships, involvement in clubs/organizations, developing supportive friendships, their physical appearance (excluding weight), weight, financial stability, health/working out, career, and education.Two primary areas that American's felt they needed to improve were financial stability and career. The survey indicated that 90% of individuals felt they needed to improve their financial stability while 73% of individuals felt they needed to work on their career.

We do want to achieve more in our lives, a good job and a stable future, however, we've got to get past the pitfalls and jump into the planning process. Finding a job is a skill.You must have a strategy that involves more than sending out your resume.It boils down to what you do and how you handle the process, particularly during this holiday season when most believe all hiring comes to a halt, said Gail Kasper, time management and motivational strategist.Planning for the New Year would bring long term positive results and a feeling of achievement.

Gail Kasper, the author of the recently released time management and life strategy audio program, Make a Decision to Win, suggests these 8 simple steps (the Magic 8) to getting on track, living your New Year's Resolutions, and achieving your career goals.

1.Enlist a positive support system. With 10% of individuals indicating that their #1 reason for not achieving a New Year's Resolution is that they don't want to do it alone and over 30% indicating that they procrastinate, it's time to develop a positive support system that will keep you on track and hold you accountable.Sometimes family can be too close to the situation.Instead of offering supportive words and reassurance, they respond with fear.

Because they are afraid that you just might not find a job ever, they place unrealistic expectations on your shoulders.This causes an enormous amount of stress particularly during the holidays.To avoid this issue, find a support system that offers positive reinforcement and encouragement, yet will still hold you accountable for your actions.

2.Schedule a meeting with yourself. That's right, schedule a 30 minute meeting.with you!When you decide that you want something whether it's a purchase or a vacation, you are tenacious about it.Isn't it time to be tenacious about your life?Your career consumes at least of your waking hours, it is important.When you meet with yourself, ask yourself this question: where do I want to be 3 months from now? 6 months from now? What will I be doing?And write down the response. This is your foundation and will give you a clear direction and a vision for where you are going.

3.Make a conscious decision to maximize the holiday season.Many job seekers take the season off thinking that companies just aren't hiring.Actually, the opposite is true.There are job positions that open toward the end of the year because the person that was in that position plans to start a new job after the New Year.When a company needs to hire, a company needs to hire.And remember, this lack of enthusiasm from other job seekers will promote a great opportunity for you as there will be less competition in the job market.

4.Use your Daily Planning System - Meticulously. 19% of individuals don't achieve their New Year's Resolutions because they don't have a game plan.Gene Donohue once said that the difference between a goal and a dream is the written word.So get your electronic organizer, daily planner or other method of choice and make a list of your job-seeking activities, daily, whether it's reviewing classifieds or websites, seeking out businesses you would like to work for, or attending networking events.Writing down activities will make them important and bring your goals to life.

5.Identify the specific dates and times to do tasks. Often we start a task and before you know it, interruptions set in.A manager must deal with an average of 3 hours of interruptions in a day.Identifying specific dates and times to perform tasks can alleviate this issue. If first thing Monday morning you plan to hit the Internet, then identify a specified amount of time you will do that task.Without interruption.Whatever amount of time you have blocked to do that task, you must complete it. You will be amazed at how much you accomplish.

6. Learn how to sell. The number one rule in sales is to present value.With interviewing, the 3 major aspects of value involve your body language, voice, and words.Albert Maharabian conducted a study and found that 55% of what we communicate is through our body language, 38% is the tone of our voice, and 7% are our words.However, don't be fooled.Each one of these aspects is equally important and value occurs when your body language is positive and confident, your tone of voice is strong and direct and you know what you are going to say.So press the suit, shine the shoes, have a strong greeting, and practice your interview.

7.Celebrate every accomplishment.We are a negative society.We see what we haven't accomplished, rather than the steps that we have taken.Any effort or energy you give to what you haven't accomplished will only slow you down.Celebrate every accomplishment, keep the momentum, pick up your planner and get ready for tomorrow.

8. Approach every job interview as your first. One common problem I see with job seekers is burn out. The rejection and the disappointment become the norm and it makes it difficult to portray confidence and enthusiasm.There are 8 million job seekers out there who are experiencing the same thing and it's your job to be one step ahead of them.Remember, the #1 quality an employer seeks is attitude.You can't pretend to be positive.You have to live it and you owe it to yourself to give every interview 100% and then persistently follow-up.

Incorporate the Magic 8 into your daily plan and achieve results!

Gail Kasper is an internationally renowned motivational strategist.Multi-billion dollar companies, top CEOs, associations, Ivy League universities and professional sports teams have adopted Gail's ideas, leadership techniques and sales programs to increase performance and achievement. She is the author of the life strategy audio CD program Make a Decision to Win.

Gail is the former Mrs. New Jersey America 2002 and has co-hosted the Emmy award-winning America's TV JobNetwork (airing on CBS and Fox).She currently hosts The Visitor's Channel.Coupling a business degree with psychology studies Gail is a nationally recognized certified trainer.For more information please visit

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