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Keeping your business running well by personally avoiding office politics, everything you need to know

Office politics is something that just won't go away. You may try to avoid office politics, but it is just unavoidable. Office politics can make a work environment one that is negative. Although office politics are unavoidable there are several strategies that can help you maintain your professionalism. These ten strategies can help you succeed.
1. Try your best to obey company rules and procedures. Be punctual and do your work the best that you can. By following company procedures you will show that you are a dedicated and loyal employee.

2. Do not brag about your achievements. Your achievements will show in your work. If you have done a good job it will be noticed and appreciated. Bragging to other employees may cause them to resent you.
3. Learn to work with people that may or may not like you. You will find that not every person you work with will like you, also you may find that you do not like a fellow co-worker, you don't have to like each other to work productively. Learn to communicate with people whether you like them or not. The office environment shouldn't be treated as a popularity contest. You are there to be productive, not popular.
4. Develop work relationships with fellow employees based on your own judgment and opinions, not on the statements and opinions of others. When someone is speaking negatively about another co-worker, try not to let those statements reflect on your opinions.
5. Accept the fact that you are not perfect. When you make a mistake or error, admit it. Don't ever blame a co-worker for a mistake that you made. Use your errors as learning tools to help you improve your job skills. Be responsible for your actions and choices, by doing so you will earn the respect of fellow employees along with company bosses and supervisors.
6. Never join others to persecute a fellow co-worker. If you do not like a fellow co-worker keep those feelings to yourself. You are not trying to be awarded Miss Congeniality, you are trying to work your way up the corporate ladder.
7. Never destroy another employee's reputation just to elevate your own. You do not have to destroy someone else to achieve your career goals.
8. Do not bring personal problems to work. If you have personal problems seek counseling or talk to a trusted friend outside of work. Blaming your poor work performance or your low productivity on personal problems is unprofessional.
9. Learn to respond without stress to a stressful situation. This is a skill that is learned over time. How you respond to situations in the work place can help you to respond to any situation whether is be stressful or not with a calm, decisive attitude.
10. Improve your work ethics by being a productive, self motivated employee. Demonstrate that you have good work ethics by performing your job quickly and efficiently. Be responsible and accountable for your actions and choices, whether they are bad or good. Showing accountability for your actions is not only ethical but shows that you have high moral standards.
Choose early on in your career that you will not play a part in office politics. If you have the drive and determination to succeed, you will not need office politics to reach your goals. A positive attitude in and out of the office can not only help your career to grow but help you to grow as a person. Office politics may be a common practice among others but that doesn't mean it is acceptable

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