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Learning to ask for help as a business manager

Asking for help is hard for many people, especially when in leadership positions. Learning to ask for help as a business manager can be very hard and even intimidating. Most people would rather not ask for help, even if it was a matter of life and death. For many people the price is the fear of embarrassment, rejection and indebtedness to the person who helps us. To overcome the dread of asking for help, you have to overcome your fears.

Asking for help is very important, especially while running a business. Learning to ask for help as a business manager can be easier with some time and effort. But first, you've got to figure why you don't, why you should, and how you can.

Why don't we ask for help?
Asking for help can be frightening and embarrassing. Many people feel it makes them seem inferior or even weak. There should be no shame in turning to others in a time of need. It can actually be a sign of strength. There=s no reason to be embarrassed. Everyone needs help sometimes.
Others believe asking for help shows a sign of incompetence, especially at work. Asking for help at work shows that you want to do the job right, develop yourself and learn new things.
Asking for help can possibly cause rejection. In all reality, even if you are rejected, it offers an opportunity to learn more about yourself and even your relationships with others.
If we ask for help we feel we owe that person something. More often than not people are willing to help you without strings attached. Most people are grateful that you asked them for their input and knowledge. It makes others feel important and that they mean something to you.

Why should we ask for help?
Asking for help can deepen connections. When someone answers and goes out of their way to help you, it will deepen that relationship and possibly create a new one.
It reduces stress and reminds you that you=re not alone. Getting help can save you time and energy and in return simplify your life. Knowing that others are there to help you will also give you a sense of relief.
It leads to personal growth. You will learn to take more risks and to trust others. You will also feel a sense of self worth in knowing people care and are willing to be there for you.

How do we ask for help?
First, always remember that you deserve to be helped. Take it easy on yourself and don=t feel bad for putting yourself out there.

When asking, clarify specifically what you need. Be clear with what you are looking for and be specific. Remember not to come across as demanding. After all, you are the one that is in need of the help.
Make sure the person you are asking is willing to help. Listen carefully and be attentive. Give them the respect they deserve for helping you. Don=t forget to thank them. Be sincere with your thanks. Let them know that you appreciate their time and their input.

Individuals in management positions sometime seem unapproachable. Some people or employees may feel inferior to them. Learning to ask for help as the business manager will create respect from others and those that work with you and you will become more approachable.

In today's society many people are reluctant to ask others for help, especially when asking someone that may be Ainferior@ to them. If you are the business manager or the new employee, there is no shame in needing to ask for help from someone else. The more you ask others for help, the more they will feel confident coming to you for things they need. So, next time you are in need of something, just ask for it! You may be surprised with what you can learn!

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