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Making sure new hires fill out the paperwork right

Every new employee has to fill out tax forms and other various papers before they can work.There are many confusing parts to all the forms so making sure every person fills out every single form correctly can be difficult.Even if a new hire forgets to fill out one part of the form or check one box it can mean a lot of extra work for someone.

The easiest way to make sure every new hire fills out the paperwork right is to have a member of human resources there to help.Having someone there to give step by step instructions and to supervise everything the new hire writes can be boring for the employees but it helps to make sure everyone fills it out correctly.To make it less boring have everyone start to fill out the forms but explain the hard parts.Have the new hires do one section at a time so similar questions can be answered at the same time.

You can have a member of human resources only there to answer any questions as well.This way there isn't any explanation, just letting the new hires do it at their own pace.This is a good idea if you have employees who have filled out the tax forms before and know what they are doing.They might still have a few questions but this way they feel like they are partially in control and that the company is going to let them be on their own and not baby them.

If you are unable to have someone there to help or don't want to have someone take their time away, making a step by step instruction guide is a great idea.The tax forms give some information but for an employee who hasn't ever filled them out before they are intimidating.Go through each tax question on the form and have a detailed explanation of what it means and how to fill it out.Give a couple examples for the more difficult questions.If no one is available have a number they can call to have questions answered.Some people will still have questions so to avoid having them fill the forms out wrong have a number or someone they can go to and ask questions.

If you wanted you could do a mixture of having someone there, in and out of the room every once in a while to help if it's needed, and having an instruction guide.This way you won't have to have your employee spending all his time helping the new hires and he will still be able to help them with any questions.

If you have other forms that need to be filled out that you control the making of, make sure they are the simplest they can be.Also having some sort of explanation is always a good idea.

It is always best to have someone there to help, who knows about the forms.If they do get filled out wrong it can cause more trouble and more time and money out of the company's pocket than if you paid one of your employees to help with the new hires.

Another idea is to go over the forms with the new hires and double check that everything is what it's supposed to be.Explaining to them and double checking often ensures that there will be no mistakes.

Filling out all the forms takes time but it helps in the long run.If you take the time to go over the forms it usually makes sure there are no mistakes and that the employee understands what is going on with his taxes.This way they won't have question later or you won't find mistakes later.

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