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Management tips for the new manager

businessmeeting33030027.jpgCongratulations, you have been promoted to your first management position. As a new manager, you have a number of new things to become familiar with and it will be one of your most challenging responsibilities yet. Here are some tips to help you with your new role as a manager:

Tip # 1 - Learn the politics of your organization
Now that you are in a higher position within the organization, you need to learn how everything works. Of course you are responsible for some employees that will report to you, but you need to network with other managers. You will quickly find out that other managers will become your biggest ally because they like to help you succeed and you will also find that you like to help them succeed.

Tip # 2 - Identify your strengths and weaknesses
As a manager, you will need to learn to overcome your weaknesses because your employees will identify them quickly and they may use them against you. Learn how to turn your weaknesses into strengths and to lead your employees. Take time to head to leadership conferences and learn new skills that will help you become a better leader. At these training seminars you will be able to enhance your ability to naturally lead people.

Tip # 3 - Manage your budget
Mangers have many roles to fill and ones of them is to learn how to manage your budget. From reading financial reports to seeking new ways to manage the cash flow better, a manager must be prepared for everything. Try to find ways to scrimp and save along the way so you can give back this extra money to your employees as Christmas bonuses or as rewards along the way. Saving and giving back to your staff is a great way to show them how much you appreciate them and this big gesture will not go unnoticed.

Tip # 4 - Learn to communicate
One of the biggest problems many mangers run into is lack of communication. You must be able to communicate with your employees and to find ways to overcome the small problems that arise here and there. Communication is more than talking to your employees, a lot of it comes down to your ability to listen to your employees. Do you take the time to listen to what they have to say? Do you try to find solutions to the problems they bring you or do you just sweep them under the rug and hope they will diminish on their own? If you have problems that need addressing, take them to your boss and propose some solutions that you feel will solve the issue at hand. Taking initiative is a great quality and your boss will think highly of you if you try and find a way to solve the problems that exist within the company.

Tip # 5 - Offer responsibility

Employees like managers that want to trust them with extra roles and responsibilities within the organization. Give your employees room to grow by offering them these type of roles. Put them in charge of a project or give them some of your extra responsibilities once and awhile. Being trusted with extra work here and there is a huge self-esteem booster and it will definitely help your employees bond with you.

Tip # 6 - Keep good reports
The final tip for a new manger is to keep good reports. Give your employees feedback on how they are doing, not just when it's time for their evaluations. Require your employees to fill out reports when they work on team projects. Reports will help you look upon the things that are working and the things that need improvement. You can also use the reports to argue with administration why you may feel that your employees deserve raises or bonuses.

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